46 thoughts on “LS Upgrade 6.0 to 6.2

  1. Its absolutely refreshing when someone is knowledgeable and willing to share. Thank you for showing the differences between the heads and explaining how they can be interchanged depending on what the desired application is for.

  2. i know this an old video, but would you still recommend ls3 heads on this 6.0 to 6.2 block or are there other ls heads out now you would use?

  3. The guys who cry about oh they stole this they stole that is because they had no choice but to switch from sloper and gourd to Chevorlet LS to compete again.

  4. Ok , I want to put an LS engine in a 99 Jeep wrangler tj.
    It has an inline six now , but the LS sounds like a better build.
    Which LS engine would be better to put in the Jeep?

  5. if you could up grade again would you put a stroker kit into this. I have a 6.0L block and
    and ls3 heads. i would like to know your thoughts on stoker and boost for this build?

  6. I always use my fingers for a measuring tool when I look at ports on heads too! Please refer to the truck vortec engines as gen 3 or gen 4 engines they are not LS

  7. LS3 heads are "very similar" to Trickflow high ports for the small block ford…combustion chambers are also "very similar" to the design of Trickflow Twisted Wedge design…looks like Trickflow should be pissed…

  8. I like the concept of engineers switching companies. Same with design. Sometime in 1970 or at least after the 1970 Trans Am was completed, John DeLorean went to Chrysler. The next thing you know the Cuda’ has a shaker hoods scoop only turned around 180* compared to the Trans Am. Didn’t copy, the guy with the idea just left… or showed up depending on which side you were on.

  9. How did this motor turn out? Do you remember the cam specs and what type of power he made?

    I’m building the same motor. LQ4, 4.065 bore with LS3 heads. Little bowl work and a mild 216/224 .600/ .600 114 LSA cam. Hoping for 400whp through a tr6060.

  10. Engine with most starting horsepower for around $600

    I would like to add
    Fuel Pump
    Fuel Rail
    Fuel Injectors
    Exhaust Manifold Headers
    Cam Shaft
    2 very small turbos

    Would it produce 500 horsepower at the wheel?

  11. You remind me of one of my instructors from UTI. Brian Dean at Exton, PA. He was a bit more colorful with his language at times, but had tons of knowledge and had a good head on his shoulders.

  12. It would have been nice if you would have said the casting numbers on that 6.0 head cylinders that you were planning on porting out the six litre block is excellent but I just want to know what heads you're putting on it if you got the time to answer this that be great thanks for the videos I go a long way with the do-it-yourselfer and trying to understand what's the best a guy could get his hands on for a decent price keep up the good work

  13. To piggyback on someone claiming that GM stole the LS from Ford, Ford was going to all ohc v8's in the early 90's years before GM came out with the first gen iii small block that was ohv. I have said myself, so I can agree with the claim that GM stole the design of the Northstar v8 from Ford, but I can't see how anyone would think they copied or stole the LS platform from Ford.

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