Lubricating the Briggs & Stratton 14-inch Rotating Surface Cleaner

First instructional video! So i just bought the B&S 14-inch Rotating Surface Cleaner and have not used it but i have a job Monday i will be using it on. Luckily i watched another video on lubricating this cleaner and decided to make a video lubricating my own.



6 thoughts on “Lubricating the Briggs & Stratton 14-inch Rotating Surface Cleaner

  1. Don't waste your hard earned cash on a unit with bushings… they always fail rather quickly. Spend the extra buck and buy a unit with bearings instead

  2. I'm sure a million people have already told you, white lithium grease will do you no good.. you need red lube grease, or a marine bearing grease,. ( For boat trailer) something water won't wash out after 1 use. The stuff u sprayed will wash out in 1 min. Well your doing better than I did, mine didn't even spin, with water pressure through it…. Hey Don't forgot about the filter screen on the other side ..

  3. I too bought the B/S 14" cleaner, model #6328. Worked fine for the first few hours, then it stopped spinning. Lubricated as instructed in the video, still wouldn't spin. Took the jets off, made sure they were clean, took the filter screen off (it is held on by the little screw, inset where the cleaner attaches to the power wash wand), still wouldn't spin. Called B/S customer service. They said my pressure washer at 2800psi may not be powerful enough to drive this cleaner, even though the specs on the cleaner box said it works with pressure washers "up to 3200psi". He rep suggested I remove the filter screw and screen (it falls out after the screw is removed. it sits around the protruding stem.) to allow more water via the inlet. So I did and it worked !

  4. This is imperative before using the first time and after each day of use, perhaps even after a couple or three hours of use each day.  I didn't know about this and my unit seized up.  The good news is that, even if you seize it up and damage the bushing (like I did), you can get it going again with some grease.  Also, the spray head will spin faster and the cleaning results you get will be better.

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