M104 Turbo / Engine Update / Engine Rebuild

Small Update.
“New” Engine
3,2l M104 (104.992) out of a ’93 320E or E320.
The internals remain all stock.
Pistondishes turned down from 1,2mm to 3,25mm, remaining piston bottom thickness ~5,2mm. …. CR 8,9:1
Engine gets all new gaskets and seals, new bearings and new rings. I got the head faced, they took 0,4mm off to make it flat again.

Conical valvesprings are in the M104s from 11/1993 on, till then they also have oilsquirters for the pistons.

In the WIS( workshop information service) it says all these engines (104.992 and 104.942) have 9,2:1 CR which is not true.



One thought on “M104 Turbo / Engine Update / Engine Rebuild

  1. Great info there! tell me do you know if the m104 2.8 and 3.2 has the same crank? i know the rods on the 2.8 is shorter.
    I am getting a M104.942 and can get the M104.992 stock rods. Keep up the good work!

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