Mack Trucks Fuel System
Fuel costs can account for 25% of total cost of operation. Worn fuel injectors can reduce fuel economy an average of 3%. Mack Genuine Fuel Filters protect valuable components like your fuel pump and injectors. Learn the importance of proper fuel system preventative maintenance in this video.

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17 thoughts on “Mack Trucks Fuel System

  1. Notice how no one in this commercial said anything about the EGR or regen cons?? I’ve seen this crap engine require total rebuilds every three years.

  2. I thought this was gonna be a video on how injectors work or something but it was actually a video advising you to go to a stealership to spend 1000s if dollars on changing all of your injectors

  3. This is a volvo engine. The whole truck is a volvo with a crappy mack cab on it with everything done ass backwards and poorly designed.
    The only thing mack about the mp7 and mp8 are the mack lettering on the valve cover.

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