Make your Riding Mower Quieter for less then $30. A custom exhaust for mowers and tractors.

I’m installing a custom muffler setup on my riding mower. Is not hard, and its not expensive. For less then $30.00 I made my exhaust system that makes my rider at least 3 times as quiet. In fact, Now I hear the rear end, and the mechanical churn of the engine instead of the actual exhaust! This set up can be used with twin cylinder engines too. This is part of a series to videos I shot on converting a Riding mower into a “poor man’s ATV”.



36 thoughts on “Make your Riding Mower Quieter for less then $30. A custom exhaust for mowers and tractors.

  1. I have a newer snapper with 23 hr 2 cylinder. Don't like breathing exhaust wonder about running exhaust to back while leaving the mower deck on

  2. i seen people make mowers mufflers custom but adding two cuts back on HP and air for the engine run to cool , like plugging the engine up with two mufflers when it calls for one, ,if you run two, you need to run one out and elbow then split it ,so you have two pipes and two mufflers under the mower , like pipes on car ,

  3. We must run on the same wave length. I saw a vid where a guy put a V8 in a tractor and was so proud at how loud it was. Now if he got it as quit as dads old buick it would really be cool. Any one can let them scream da.

  4. Doesn’t that rob some Horse Power? I’d love to quiet down my two pull behind gas mowers. One is a vanguard engine 23 hp and one is a kohler 25 hp and they are way too loud. The Diesel 72” JD f935 I pull them with is quiter but would like to quiet it as well…but if it robs too much HP then can’t do it…

  5. Can you tell the reduction in decibels that this modifications achieved? I was always searching for something like this because the mowers always are about 95-105 decibels which is terribly noisy.

  6. I’d be afraid to put that system in a mower that’s still used to cut grass. The hot exhaust pipe would catch dry grass clippings on fire.

  7. I stuck a HD takeoff muffler on the factory muffler exhaust pipe coming out from mower, thought this would be cool and make the mower quiet…. it didn't do much as the motor just vibrates so much that the hood? rattles or the motor rattles the whole thing so badly it is just rattling noise, the exhaust noise isn't that big a thing. make it quieter…. get earplugs andsave ur hearing.

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