Making a Motorised Go Cart with NO WELDER and simple tools #1 – Chassis/Engine

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Lots of people don’t have the luxury of a well kitted out workshop but still want to make stuff, they just don’t always know where to start.
So this project is for those people (which was me not so long ago)


All the parts were bought from
This is not a sponsored video just thought its easier if everything comes from one place, they know what i’ve had so if you undertake this project and need any of the parts just call them and they will sort you out.

A picture Gallery will be uploaded to my website next week when project is complete.

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Music is by “Across the Atlas” and the songs are “jaded” and “TV killed the radio star”
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41 thoughts on “Making a Motorised Go Cart with NO WELDER and simple tools #1 – Chassis/Engine

  1. On his second and finish project video, It has the info how to get the parts all from the 2" box tubing needed for the frame.(Great job sir !)LOVE IT !

  2. Can you build a 1932 ford hot rod and customize it like a supercharger and a blower and a custom dashboard for a radio for the next video update please.

  3. Awwsome video and so fun !!! You’re good at delivering your plan and teaching !!! Great creation !!! My six year old and dad made a low rider wagon go kart too ! We have subscribed ! Please check our channel if you have time too. Blessings and many thanks !!!

  4. It seems like I would know anything you are doing but you could just as well be making a thermonuclear device to warp time I'm just as lost. I still LOVE watching you do it. Think you could build me one? I mean you are building one how much more is a second one?

  5. I need good subtitles, canna nerstan heavy accent. At one min 8 in he says "secondhand WHAT?" sounded like "pitbike". OK what is a pitbike?

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