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  1. I used to live in Louisiana, was in 1st grade I believe. Lived in Natchitoches, would catch all the lizards in the world it seemed. Believe we only lived one or two years there, dad built power plants back then, now the company is more into casinos. One other thing I remember is the movie with Julia Roberts was filmed there, at least parts. They were at the Festival of Lights in the movie on the water, movie I think is Steel Magnolias or something like that lol

    Did you ever find out if they got caught by the police?

    Thank you for your service!!!!

    I know in Florida, you'll never find a piece of land like you have! That is one amazing property you have! Perfect yard for all your critters!

  2. Hi Brad, First time commenting, long time subscriber. 40 years at KENNWORTH of St Louis. More stories please, especially your life trucking. Thanks for the work it takes to do what you do.

  3. interesting stories. it seems with all the wonderful shows on TV i would rather listen/watch YouTube videos like yours for the time i have to have something on.i enjoy listening to you just talk and tell stories. regarding doing for our fellow man, i think some times keeping ourselves out of trouble and doing our job is a good start. if everyone paid more attention to taking care of themselves and those immediately around them i think things would be different for sure. keep it up and see ya next vid.

  4. well I sat here watching a empty vice and listening to grinding, good thing I had a portly cup of coffee
    You said mpls was a good place to drive you must be a lot more patient than me
    good job on the handle descriptions I was wondering how you did that

  5. This going to be some awesome knifes again! Admire your skills! Nice you been to my country…I worked at 28th Trans BN Spinelli Bks, Mannheim AIC office for 7 yrs lol…and 13 yrs USA…why does everyody thinks all of Germany is burried under snow each winter lol?? I dont now-we had 3 days freeze temps last winter in this area (Mannheim) anywho-greetings from Germany 🙂

  6. Hi Brad can I ask where is your dust mask and why aren't you wearing it ? with your health issues you don't want to have more in a recent video Alec Steele did part of it on the use of DM'S and in yesterdays "VIKING BATTLE AXE: Part 4
    " video he shows the dust etc build up in his air filtering system in his just built grinding room well worth talking note of and doing something about

  7. I know how you feel. I have a lot of good memories but the worst have an impact that just won't go away. Keep up the knife work, when I get caught up I want to buy another one!

    That's funny. I'm a nurse, have been for 20 years. My wife and I do mission work in a foreign country on a regular basis and it is so helpful to be a nurse!!!

    I noticed the Crocs…I'm also a "husky" guy who loves the convenience and comfort of those shoes!

  8. i dont like those place too they are rude drivers i have to agree that stain was a bit dark do you know if those guys ever got caught and its a good thing you got out of there when you did i know im all over the place

  9. Hey BC, I work in the medical field and trust me, it's not all a bed of roses…lol. I don't allow myself to have regrets though, I found it diminishes my happiness factor when I look back.

  10. Great video watched the whole thing. I was wondering about something. I have noticed that you like to use layered handles. Have you thought about using the pins inside the first layer of the handles? This way one does not see any pins but they are there. I don't even know if that can be done. It was just a thought. What you think my friend?
    Ak Fred

  11. Coming from a long line of wood-workers, I noticed you caressing those knife scales. That's the sign of a true craftsman. You have to "know" that piece of wood intimately. You have to turn it over and over in your hands and close your eyes and feel the symmetry. I know, it sounds slightly erotic, but the only way to make a wood-working project perfect is to run your hands over it until it feels just right. You do great work, sir. I love the Swamp Diva that you made for me, and I'm looking forward to getting another of your works of art!

  12. You have a lot of skills that you are sharing on YouTube. And many people get much enjoyment watching & listening to you. God will reward you for that & for being so kind to animals.

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