5 thoughts on “McCulloch 6 10 Rebuild Project

  1. Were the crank seals for that press in type? I've got my eye on a few pro mac 700s and I like fresh seals on saws I plan to actually run at some point and do work with. Sure like press in seals vs. having to take engine apart and totally reseal.

  2. Not much point to this being a video. Just an audio dialog saying you did things. Would have been worthwhile seeing the work being done: e.g., extracting the broken tap; installing / setting the points.

  3. Great video, thanks for uploading. Ill add a 6-10 to the collection one day and definitely refer back to this for guidance at that time. I'm currently tinkering with a 7-10A with a snapped off rusty muffler bolt. Helpful to see you braising repairs on the muffler to as the 7-10 muffler I have has some holes in it.

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