11 thoughts on “mclane edger with 3.5hp briggs

  1. i dont have one in the shop now that i can make a video of, but its a very simple job. just take the belt guards off and slip off the old belt. then slip on the new belt (will be a little hard since the new bent isnt streched) then reinstall the guards and your done.

  2. The problem with the front axle is that it's missing the sheet metal snap clip that both restrains the bearing caps for the wheels but also lets you move the cutter side wheel/tire to rest against the other wheel/tire when doing curb work. This clip is designed to quickly permit changing the wheel/tire location and also retain the bearing caps in the wheels. You are limiting the versitility of the trimmer by installing collars instead of the proper clip.

  3. check out the date i made this video…over a year ago. customer picked this up a long time ago and i havent had any complaints from him.

  4. I buy my belts wholesale thru Amazon for 1.25 a piece. They can get chewed up pretty quickly. I run two of these weekly on different jobs. Do not pay what the big box stores charge which is up to 10 dollars each.


  5. How did you seperate the carb from the tank? Or how did you clean out the fuel pickup, saw somewhere to hook the tube but they what? Thanks

  6. I just bought one for $40 that wouldn't run. Cleaned the sludge out of the tank and cleaned the car and it fires right up. It would be nice to have a diagram of the control springs. I think the previous owner got them mixed up and it surges a bit.

  7. you people saying to sharpen edger blades don't know what you're talking about. No LCO is going to sharpen their edger blades. Ridiculous waste of time.

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