21 thoughts on “Mikuni carb series #1 Fuel pump rebuild

  1. You can't. Unless you have a SPECIFIC model number of a SPECIFIC Polaris product made within a SPECIFIC number of years of now, the retards at most parts shop will not care and or know how to look up this kind of a part.

    OP, PLEASE POST THE PART NUMBER OF YOUR KIT. I Too have a Kubota I would like to buy one of these for. I refuse to buy a $97 pump to replace a shattered checkvalve worth about $0.005 Thanks!

  2. Just rebuilt mine yesterday, those check valves are wayy tight..used a allen wrench to help press it in, accidently broke through. Didn't know if it mattered or not…put back together, back in the sled and doesn't work.

  3. So I just bought a new snowmobile today, drove it around at the guys house for maybe 2-3 miles everything seemed okay. The sled has all new fuel lines and the fuel pump is nice and clean so it looks like someone had it out recently. Loaded it up and took it home. Got home started it up and drove it around for maybe another 2 miles then it started loosing power almost like it was running out of fuel. Pulled over opened the hood and seen gas spraying out of the main line from the tank to the fuel

  4. pump so I shut it off changed the line. Turned the gas valve back on and it didn't fill right away so I pulled it over now its not getting fuel. Think the fuel pump needs to be rebuilt?

  5. I have that same fuel pump on my mxz 679 an fuel is squirting out of the top hexagon shaped thing on the top when I try to start it any ideas what's wrong

  6. Is there a way to test the fuel pump pressure? My 1998 arctic cat 600 starts after we put gas in the cylinders, but shuts down right after 30 seconds. I rebuilt the carbs today but that didn't change a thing. Same problem even after the carbs got rebuilt. The carbs were pretty clogged up too. The main air jets were totally clogged.

  7. Excellent video.  I found soaking the little rubber pins in hot water or at least warming them up may them more pliable for assembly

  8. hey im not expecting you to answer but i think i have a fuel pump problem in my indy tripple will it cause any damage if i take it apart and clean it even if its not the problem?

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