Mini Model T 10 Tin Lizzie Part 1

1910 Model T-10 1/4 scale Tin Lizzie Replica
Built in the late 1950’s by McDonough Power
Equipment Company in McDonough, Ga. USA

Model T10
Has 2 levers on the running board by the drivers
side…one lever is the forward and reverse…and
one lever is for the brake. Speed control is
located on the steering column. This model
has wooden spoke wheels just like the early
model “T” Fords of the day.

Powered by a 3 horse Briggs &
Stratton engine which was replaced with same engine
about 1970.

I am now in the process of restoring.



4 thoughts on “Mini Model T 10 Tin Lizzie Part 1

  1. I found some black & white 16mm footage from WRVA-TV's "The Sailor Bob Show" circa early 1960s. It sure looks like the same model car as yours! Unfortunately, I can't put the link here. If you go to Facebook, type in or search for "Sailor Bob Fan Club" click on the photos section, and you can see the 2:14 clip. Enjoy!

  2. I also have a Model T 10 1/4 scale Tin Lizzie Replica that my grandfather bought for me brand new in 68 ' with the 3hp Briggs & Stratton . The mfg. plate shows Sharp Mini Cars , Inc . The most recent address I could find [ by phone ] is : 1401 West Ott St. , Olathe , Kansas . 6606-5236 *** ph.# 913-780-2885 or 1-800-310-2590 or fax913-780-2923 Prez : Mike Murray. Owner : Marcia Murray [this info was current as of May 1996]. Your local Shriner's mini-car div. may be yr bst src of info .

  3. If anyone is looking for parts for these, the Trade Nation in Indiana has one sitting outside their shop on Spring Street. Google them because they have a website.

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