21 thoughts on “Motorcycle engine teardown HONDA XR 200

  1. Quality of the video sucks. The annoying lights, the guy coughing. You can not see most of what he is doing, I know I am not the only one that can not see through someone. I give this video a 5 out of a 10 and I say that respect, without that I say a 3

  2. Thanks. I just got a '90 that I'm suspecting has dirty valves as it's got low compression. Never taken this engine apart before and it always helps to see someone else do it first.

  3. I agree with Michael.. Looks just like my 200X engine (same year 1985)… It's definitely going to need some work.. (Just bought the 3 wheeler and it's been heavily abused)..
    I couldn't find much, on my exact make and model.. Glad that I found your video.. Is this your last upload? I couldn't find a part 3..
    Thanks buddy your video was AWESOME !!

  4. where is the vid for reassembly?. I have 4 engines and I am trying to build at least 1 good one. I'm completely lost. 

  5. Don't make the mistake of tearing down or rebuilding any Honda bike engine without Honda SHOP MANUAL. About $50.00 each Specific for each engine they make. Also these Engines are delicate and must be reassembled in a clean environment.

  6. Is the bolt located directly under the CDI a head bolt? The one that you are loosening at 7:24. Mine is really loose on my bike and has a ton of play. It also appears to have oil coming out of it. Is this bad? Can it be fixed by just tightening it?

  7. Where can you get the top two gaskets, cylinder head gasket and cylinder gasket(not the base). I have a 1993 Honda XR 200. Cylinder leaks at the head and middle. Also, what are the torque specs?

    Cam chain wiggles, may just replace since so old. Where can I find that?

  8. A motorcycle Mechanic you are not…apparently, not a video guy either! nice long video of your back. and the mind numbing sound of bad florescent lighting. D. B. in the backround coughing up a lung….wow lol

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