Motorcycle Rebuild Project : ZXR TURBO Ep39 Wheels Have Been Painted !

The green wheels are here !! Lets blast those flame rotors and paint some stuff !!
The hand is still sore but the Patto kids are here to help !

The story behind the bike : Basically here is my old Kawasaki ZXR750 1991 that my mate Anthony had owned in the past. I have owned it for about 16 years or more. As soon as I got the bike home after buying it, I removed the fairings and cut the headers off it. After this I proceeded to do some of the nastiest welding that mankind has every seen to mount the 2nd of the two turbos, that a twin turbo Toyota Supera donated us after we found it rolled over in a farmers paddock. The other one was fitted up to our Ducati 900 Supersport or Superlight dragbike.

The ZXR or ZX-7 was originally a black framed blue body worked bike, that had the frame and swingarm polished and it looked great. My uncle Gazza originally owned a green,blue and white model, and this is what I fell in love with.

Somehow my mate Anthony (who owned my bike) had bought another ZXR which was a green,blue and white model and we swapped the body work parts and rims and everyone was happy.

The small turbo and carby combo proceeded to test my mind and patience and gave me a taste of the power that was achievable before excessive crankcase blowby in the form of massive amounts of oil spewing out breather made engine removal next step.

A stock piston was sent to the Arias piston manufacture in the US of A ,, and months later the forged items arrived. Being a little younger and believing the pistons where the same as samples but forged ,,and not checking compression ratio I proceeded to throw these beautiful slugs into the engine.

The damage to the stock piston ring lands was cause by too much ignition timing under boost, so while it took like forever for these custom pistons to be made,, I decided to convert the bike to electronic fuel injection .

The engine management was bought from another mate Mick who used it on his turbo GPZ750 turbo racebike. His bike ended up making about 350bhp from memory which was very impressive.

My original carbies where converted into throttlebodies with my mate Ben to have a throttle position sensor and no fuel bowls or CV slides. I custom made the crank trigger and ran out a rats nest of wiring and before we knew it the bike was fuel injected.

Years went by with the bike only making 30 bhp over standard and also it was an absolute turd to ride from a standing start. Knowing what we learnt from the Ducati 900ss dragbike, a bigger plenum chamber was made and a newer bigger turbocharger and manifold was made also.

( Which is the current system now). GPZ1100 throttlebodies where used as EFI bikes and the ease of buying secondhand throttlebodies from later model bikes like in this day and age wasn’t possible. You just used what you could get your hands on. And a later version of the WOLF3D was used.

Another heap of hours and custom work, plus more $$$ ,,,Back on the Dyno and you wouldn’t believe it,, …..same power and still a turd off the bottom.

By this time we had bought a Dynojet dyno and I was keen to play. Fueling was good and ignition timing was modified by using the small hand held controller. I pulled out a few degrees and lost about 3 bhp from my 130 odd ponies. Added in another 2 degrees and gained about 7bhp !
2 more degrees and another 7bhp !! I just kept sneaking a couple of increments of ignition timing in with the controller until the bike made over 180 BHP and was a proper turbobike. The bottom end issue was also resolved with the addition of timing.

Moral of the story would be,, I think the bike had a way lower compression ratio than what I expected it to have with those new custom pistons. I just didn’t check it on assembly back in the day.

After years of playing around and learning about turbos and EFi etc I basically parked it up as a running concern in the corner of my shed.

Years went by with the poor old Kawasaki siting on a mat and covered up with a thick blanket.

It was crying and sweating underneath because it felt unloved. One day, I could smell old stale fuel and found that the fuel tank had decided to develop a leak and slowly dribbled out onto the bike and its body work. When I pulled back the covers I just could not believe the amount of rust and corrosion that this awesome machine had become coated in. It was a mess.

I then parked it up for another 5 or more years until the time had come to get stuck into the restoration of my old mate.

So anyway here we go…..

Anything you see in this series is obviously unscripted, and it being done as a “lets just try that and see how it goes” method.

All subscribers and people that leave comments are very much appreciated as I am trying to build this YouTube channel of mine.

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Cheers guys



5 thoughts on “Motorcycle Rebuild Project : ZXR TURBO Ep39 Wheels Have Been Painted !

  1. wow loving those wheels :)) been a while i have to ketch back up on your vids missed a lot and ouch i must of missed that bit with the thumb should be good as new soon tho even tho it wont be like it use to be due to the nerve damadge i can beat that tho missing part of my finger lol took five docs to make a choice take the finger off or experiment with it worked sort of grew a new end to my finger nail never looked the same again haha.. any way lush bike :))

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