Motorcycle Top End Rebuild 4 Stroke (Part 1 of 2)

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Piston and Ring Replacement on the KTM RFS motor. Rebuild the top end on your 4 stroke atv or motorcycle. Piston change. Find all your dirt bike rebuild needs at Get Ready.

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50 thoughts on “Motorcycle Top End Rebuild 4 Stroke (Part 1 of 2)

  1. 2 strokes are fun, but gotta love that low end torque.. I have a 2000 rm 250 (2 stroke). A 2004 kx250f and a 2002 yz250f. and I enjoy them all…. but the suzuki is the fastest by far.. and alot easier to rebuild…

  2. I have a 92 Yamaha Warrior, and I wanna know if I should attempt to rebuild it myself or take it to the shop? I have no experience working on motors and stuff.

  3. that is up to you. Why be afraid of it though? If you don't try, you will never learn. Just invest in a good service manual to reduce the chance of mistakes. It will be the best money you ever spent on education.

  4. I have a 2006 Honda 300 ex, it has a top end noise comin in it, sounds like maybe tapids, or a timing chain tick… any idea on common things to happen to these perticualer engines, and what lvl difficulty project i would be getting into to replace the parts, maybe tapids, cam shaft, timing chain, etc….

  5. Also doin this im guessin id have to set my timing over too huh, cause i have no clue how to do that…. have any videos that would show me how?

  6. hi i have an 01 ktm 520 and my engine has studs instead of bolts and i cant get the head to clear the frame… do i have to compress or remove the intake valves to get it to clear? thanks in advance

  7. I'm looking at the OE diagrams and i'm not seeing that they used studs on that motor. It's possible your motor has been modified. You may just have to remove the entire motor before removing the cylinder head.

  8. You shouldn't have to break the chain to get it apart. . . The RFS motor is the only one i know of that requires the cam chain to be broken so i would refer to your service manual for proper dissasembly

  9. thanks for the video, best one I've seen yet, one question, what are your thoughts on the suzuki dr650 motorcycle? I'm looking to buy one, have you had any experience with these? Also, if you have any vids of you rebuilding/working on the motor I'd love to see those, thanks!

  10. Which bike is this on? Your swingarm bolt will have a washer and nut on one side so with those removed you should be able to nock the bolt right out. You may have to lift the swingarm up and down to allow the bolt to slide out.

  11. hi i have a question,so my friend was ripping around on my quad and idk what he did but he said he was going in fourth and had started to shift down and somehow he broke it…like when u move the shift lever it's like as if there's no gears,forks or collars?please help??

  12. It sounds to me like something broke or came apart with the shift linkage. I would start at the shifter and work your way back checking for anything wrong. You may have to remove the right side case or even split the motor to get to the transmission. It could be a number of different things but it's hard to say exaclty what it is.

  13. soo i hope you answer.. i was earing up some snow on my crf450r and when i slowed down and pulled the clutch to come to a stop, it died. i tried starting it a few times and it was a total bitch. besides the starting troubles when it gets started it bogs down and wants to die(with the choke on) and when you turn off the choke it dies right away. you can hear something knocking and the exhaust(header) glows red after about 20 seconds of idle. my buddy came and started it and he said exhaust valve.

  14. so i was just wondering if he is right and about how much would it cost to rebuild the top end. i haven't been able to ride it for about 4 weeks now and its killing me

  15. Yeah you are definitely going to need to look into it. Make sure you have your service manual and i would check your top end. Make sure your valve clearances are in spec and none of them need replaced. Also i would inspect your piston and cylinder and then make sure the timing is on as well. The cost is going to depend on whats wrong inside so that i'm not sure

  16. It could be a few different things, something bent or broke in the transmission and caused it to lock up or your piston could be seized or it could also be somthing with timing or valve clearances. It's hard to say exaclty what went wrong but don't kick it over anymore. It could cause more damage… Grab your service manual and begin teardown and inspection until you figure out what went wrong.

  17. No you don't have to bore the cylinder if you're only changing the rings… unless you have a damaged cylinder you will be able to just replace the rings on the piston. Be sure to check your ring end gap before installation though.

  18. I have a Warrior 350 and I accidentally dropped my timing chain down in the motor. I have tried to fish it out with a magnet but no luck. Do you have any suggestions on how to get it out?

  19. There's a few different things you can try. If the magnet isn't working try using a coat hanger or a wire with a hook on the end. If you have some long skinny pliers those might work as well. Also sometimes it's helpful to remove the left crankcase cover and try and push the chain up far enough to grab it with something up top. If worse comes to worse you may have to remove the cylinder head to get to it which should just be 4 bolts. If you still can't get it pull the cylinder as well.

  20. The cam chain just goes down and around a sprocket that's on the crankshaft, You've got the camchain guides on each side of it and that's about it. Sometimes they will basically fold on themselves and almost get tangled like that. I would take your left crankcase cover off which might take a little bit to get to because you've got your the 2 different pieces to that left side and get to where you can see what's going on with the camchain.

  21. Also be careful as you don't want to chip or bend or ruin any of those small teeth on the crankshaft when working with the camchain. (In other words don't pull too hard on the camchain or wedge anything down in there)

  22. never in all my motor rebuilds, or watching someone else rebuild motors have a seen someone take a link out of the timing chain to remove everything, you just loosen it and take the stuff off??? making this way too hard on yourself

  23. I seriously doubt that most states have any trained/experienced motorcycle mechanics who could do this sort of work effectively and well. I can't, but then again I don't claim that I can nor am I a mechanic. There are factory-authorized shops that claim to be able to do this sort of work, but through conversations and low-level repairs … I'd be very reluctant to trust them. I do all routine maintenance to keep my RSTD in good/safe condition … brakes, all fluids, air and gas filters, plugs, bulbs, etc … but beyond that my only alternative will be bury it.

  24. Hello guys, There is little oil leaking from the gasket (metal one) under the cilinder. But I have a LC4 KTM 625 2005 (grey engine). It looks similar to this toturial. Can I expect some other things/parts to pull off??

  25. Great video, this is really swaying me to try and tackle this on my own.

    Question. Why did you split the cam chain, I think I've seen other videos where you just move it out of the way after its loose?

    I have an 06 450 exc-g usa, can you recommend a rebuild kit with all the necessary gaskets please?

    It's hasn't been rebuilt since I've owned it for the last 4 years, I do mostly street riding now, anything else I should look out for while I'm in there?


  26. Thanks for this video and your support of our local Colorado Supermoto club. I appreciate and use your sponsorship race gas gift cards! On removing the cam chain, can I use my trusty drive chain breaker tool to do the job or is there something special about the CAM breaker tool? Thanks again!

  27. whats the part number for the motion pro chain breaker i done a quick search and motion pro has at least 2 chain breakers listed

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