Motorized Bikes | Install Throttle to Carburetor | How to Basic

How to Basic | Install Throttle to Carburetor | Motorized Bikes

This is a quick step-by-step guide on installing the throttle cable to an NT carburetor. Matt demonstrates how easy it is to install it on any 80cc motorized bike, like the Flying Horse or Mega Motors gas bike engine kits. This installation video is only for the 2-stroke engine kits.

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20 thoughts on “Motorized Bikes | Install Throttle to Carburetor | How to Basic

  1. I just got an 80cc two stroke bike that was used and it seems to bog alot at low end but runs good at wide open throttle, any advice on what I can do to fix the low end power lag?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that it does stall out if I let it idle too

  2. What about the smaller clip that goes on the notched part of the needle? I don't see that in this video, I'm trying to figure out where it goes. It's a little smaller Pacman looking clip and it fits into the notches that are on the needle/pin. And then the Pacman looking clip goes on afterwards?

  3. So the needle is inserted first, for sure? The intructions that came with my PK80 kit show it being on top of the washer, and for the life of me I can't get it started, but not sure this is the issue

  4. HELP!!!! when i start my motorised bike the bike rides straight away even without me pulling the throttle it rides, and I cant come to a stop unless i press the kill switch, How can I stop this so i can stop and the engine keeps running at the same time?

  5. Hi, good job….
    Question?? you know why is licking the carburetor on my bike w/80cc is new and I drove in the Ally just twice, but when I got home I smell gasoline and is licking all around under the top carburetor, any ideas? thank… u

  6. Hi,good job!!
    Question? Like I said b4 why I licking the carburetor all around under the top? at the beginning it was fine, for like 3 round driving in the back Ally, when I got this bike, is brand new, any idea, thank.. u for …u help

  7. Hi, good job….
    Question?? about the carburetor……. I got a new bike w/ 80 cc motor…..
    When I got this bike it was fine……because the guy drove 2 times in the Ally and I drove too a little bit there….. .but when I got home w/ the bike….of course I put the bike in back of my car w/ tracks hanging there… when I dropped in the house the bike, I smells a gasoline and I check it out……and it was licking the carburetor…… any ideas why??? thanks

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