Moving sale find 12/2016 MTD Yardman with Briggs & Stratton 625s See Description for full Story

Moving Sale find Dec 2016 – MTD-Yardman with Briggs & Stratton 625s. (6.25 HP) (190cc)
Model 11A-A24T055.
User Manual :

3-in-1 Bagger/Mulcher/Side dishcarge
Bag, side discharge and user manual included
Just a normal push mower no thrills but gets the job done.

I saw this posted on line for $25 and that couldn’t get it to start and needed it gone because she was moving. Since I was off work for getting my eyes checked. I decided to make an offer and I got it for say $15 it came with a Gas can as well for a Total of $20. Lady said it just one day turned off while using it and couldn’t get it started. So I loaded it into the back of my Van and headed home. I thanked her for the mower and wished her the best in her move.

When I got home and started checking it out. Discovered the following
– Air filter was packed ( I shook it out and got it decent to use )
– It was Hydro locked with about 3x the about of oil in it then what was needed. When I tried to start it is started for a second and smoked and turned off.

I tipped it over and drained about a quart of oil out of it to bring it down to the correct level. Started it and it ran , Not well but it ran.
I then Checked the spark plug and it was covered in oil. I then Sprayed some carb cleaner into the spark plug hole and replaced the spark plug with a good used one I had on hand. And Started it and let it run for awhile. It smoked like crazy to the point it looked like a foggy morning. It didn’t make any neighbors mad. I continue to let it run for a good 20 mins and the smoking got better and eventually went away. The next day I picked up a new plug and changed the oil and gave it a bath.

Summary :
Diagnosis : Air filter packed , hydrolocked – Too much oil, fowled spark plug
– oil change – to correct level
– spark plug
– cleaned out air filter
– power washed

Originally I was going to re-sell this in the spring. But later decided to give it to my son for his lawn service business so he doesn’t use my Craftsman self-propelled I had baught new last year when my 15 year Craftsman Eager1 – Tecumesh died. I wish I had kept that mower its Deck and self-propelled were in prefect condition. If I knew what I know today I would of stuck a new engine on it. One of those Harbor Freight Predator Engines.

Sorry for the video quality, only have iPhone.

Special thanks to
youtuber users
– hanksranger,
– mountainbikekayak
– donyboy73
– Beau Boruff
– Taryl Fixes All



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