Mower Need a New Starter Motor? Try this Simple Fix First

Your mower may not need a new starter motor. Try this simple fix first. It could save you money.I’m not turning into MrMower, but this is another easy tip to help keep your mower running properly.
Tip of my awesome hat to .cotton68spc for reminding me to mention to check the solenoid too if this tip doesn’t work. It’s cheaper than a starter motor.



21 thoughts on “Mower Need a New Starter Motor? Try this Simple Fix First

  1. You just saved me money, I took everything apart and the starter was turning but wouldn't lift to engage the mower. I googled the part to purchase a new one and saw this video and it was that dumb terminal, now to cut this grass riding my mower not pushing for the next two hours lol, thanks brother…

  2. Man, thank you for this tip! I was actually in the process of looking up the info fore a new motor starter when I cam across your video. Sure enough battery was charged at over 12 volts but the hot lead was loose. Tightened it up and off she started! It is nice to have simple answers to problems sometimes! A nice reminder to stat with the simple first.

  3. When you talk about the starter motor clicking. You are pointing near the gas tank. The starter motor is attached to the engine! The thing beside the gas tank would be the"Starter Solenoid" that is the thing that is clicking.

  4. I love the riding lawn mower.>>>  It operates and mows well. It is the appropriate size for my small lot. Starts easily and started right out of the crate. I have had no mechanical problems with the mower. I am  very happy with the mower and very pleasant and to my complete satisfaction.

  5. my toro mower starts, but has weird symptoms…takes up to three seconds for it to crank after turning key…or struggles to turn the starter at all until i turn the key back and forth up to three times before it cranks. the battery is brand new and in perfect charge and load tested. can anyone suggest what i should check or replace? thanks!

  6. Before you know anything you must test the component in question !
    Simple as that !
    Bad Battery ??? Test it ! And Test more than just Voltage ! Test Capacity !
    Same all the way down the line !
    Key switch . Solenoid . Starter motor !
    Of course troubleshooting will get you closer to the problem sooner !

  7. I have a 2015 T3200 Craftsman riding mower. Ran great last fall. stored in the garage for winter, pull it out today and added fresh gas to about 1/4 tank of gas already in it. Mower will turn over but not firing or trying to start.. I took the fairly new plugs out and cleaned them up with a little sand paper on both ends of the plug, it still will not fire. Any ideas what I could check for to help diagnose the problem. Thank you ahead of time for any advice you can give me. Ric

  8. Had my mower flywheel turn but not start, then minutes later heard click at solenoid and GRIND sound from starter and no more anything. Any ideas ?

  9. Most of these lawn tractors have a starter relay somewhere usually bolted to the mower itself completely separate from the starter but controls the starter. Even the starter has a solenoid on it. It doesn't matter alot of times there's still a high current relay hidden below the dash somewhere. Also don't automatically assume that just because it clicks it's good. That's not always the case. So troubleshoot it thoroughly. Put a screwdriver you don't care much about across the posts on the relay and see if the starter cranks the engine. If so the relay is bad. The coil or control side of the relay doesn't always go bad. Sometimes the contact plate inside of the relay gets pitted and it stops making good electrical contact. It still might pass electricity but just doesn't do it as well as it should anymore. So you'll get the starter chattering when you go to crank the engine.

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