8 thoughts on “Mower Surging/ Rev RPM Up & Down – Fixed For Good

  1. Took off my carb off about five times and thought it was me . Did this and it runs perfect , thank you
    i wood have never tried this and i was going to give up on it.

  2. Got this a couple of years ago, and for what it is, it works very well.>>>arah.in/04fC It's light, and will go through even 6" or so of heavy wet snow pretty well. It's limited by having to plug it in, and it's not what you'd want for a long driveway somewhere that gets snow measured in feet, but that should be obvious. Well worth the money for me.

  3. I don't understand the part about leaving the air filter off. You drilled a larger hole in the dip tube but why doesn't the air filter fit? You said that you didn't like that it wasn't on, so I assumed it didn't fit. But maybe you kept it off as a preference just for the freer air flow? But then how do you filter the inevitable debris from getting sucked in and blocking the carburetor?

  4. I was given a mower just like that, it had no oil in it, no gas, all it needed was a tune up and carb overhaul. I shortened the governor spring a little bit and it would mow 1 foot tall grass like no other mower I've seen before LOL. Sold it for $70. With those B&S pulsa prime carbs, I've seen some go 6 months problem free and others 20 years problem free. Pieces of crap.

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