Mower Won’t Start Clean New Plastic Style Briggs Carburetors – Troy Bilt MTD Craftsman 550 EX

These are the new design all plastic carbs briggs and stratton is putting on all new lawn mowers. They aren’t horrible in fact I like the gasket designs much more compared to the legacy ones.



26 thoughts on “Mower Won’t Start Clean New Plastic Style Briggs Carburetors – Troy Bilt MTD Craftsman 550 EX

  1. I am glad this video has helped so many of you fix your equipment. If you want to buy the jets (white piece I take out and clean) instead of cleaning them.
    Briggs PN: 592792 This can be ordered from any lawn and garden store or online at sites like ereplacementparts, repairclinic or ebay.

  2. My lawn mower has a red rubber button on the side.  I have to push it a number of times before I start the mower.  I removed the air thing so I can see no gas is pumping when I push the rubber button.  Can you help me?  Thank you.

  3. thank you so much for the video! I got a lawn mower that had some Carburator problems and i fixed it doing exactly what you did. you saved me a lot of money thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the process in such detail and for working close to the camera so we the viewers can see exactly what you are doing and how you are doing it.

  5. You were right Hank, it did take me a while to find a video that dealt with these bulbless, plastic carbs so thanks for putting this together. Saw some other comments as well about how the lawnmower only has to sit for year and the carb gets nasty. Must be the crappy ethanol gas we use today. I didn't think it would gum up a plastic carb as much, and it probably doesn't, but the jets are still brass/metal and I guess that's all you need is for the few metal parts to gum up. Thanks Again!

  6. I just ran across a Briggs 550ex at a garage sale for $15. The owner told me it doesn't work and he has no need for it anymore since he has a landscaper. It looked almost new and I followed your video today. Well it runs like champ and I can't thank you enough!!! If you're ever in NY, the beers are on me!!

  7. Thanks for the video, it definitely helped me with my tear down of my TroyBilt tb110. Mine was relatively clean, my case was water in the float reservoir after the mower was left out during a drenching storm. It's running great now.

  8. Hate to be negative, so many thanks on here. I was also convinced that I could get my mower running. It is my daughter's and sat through the winter with gas in it. It has spark at the spark plug, but would not even attempt to start. The carb was completely dry.

    Today I went through your video and cleaned the carb really well. I was really expecting success. When I pumped the primer button I could hear gas so I knew that something was different. However, it never tried to fire even once. After a while of priming I had fuel running out of the carb where the air filter would normally be.

    Took the car apart again but put it back the same since I could figure out anything that I had done wrong.

    Sometimes if I pump the primer button gas will spray out of the white nipple above the gas inlet. I don't know what this connection is for. Have ready various ideas.

    Could it be that the timing is off on the mower? Needle not setting properly? I just don't understand and am looking for more ideas. If you spray some carb cleaner in it will start for a few seconds until it burns that.

    Any Ideas? I hope you still check these replies and can assist me. At this point I don't have any faith that a brand new carb would work any better.


  9. Thanks eh I bought a brand new canadiana it was used 4 times the guy didn't like it and it sat for 2 years at least your video made it run like new thank you. Cheers keep up the good videos.

  10. The surging that you got after cleaning and reinstalling the carburetor I've always deduced that the gas line is repressurizing itself and getting rid of the air from the gas line for a consistent steady flow of fuel. But I've seen it both ways right after you clean the carburetor the mower starts up on the 1st pull ready to work without any surging at all. (with some help from a primer bulb or starting fluid of course)

  11. I agree with you my friend i did'n find anything regarding to how to clean the new plastic carburetor so you make my day,thank you so much.i will apreciate if you show us how to ajust the valves in that lawn mower and the especfic tool to measure the gap of those valve's thanks in advance. ( i suscribe and like your video) please help me in this matter at soon you can bc i think i have a problem with those valve's.

  12. Thanks for sharing this video. I watched it and fixed my Husqvarna with a B&S engine and that plastic carb. Runs like a top. I didn't put the mower away properly last year and it would not run this season. I thought I would clean the carb and then saw it was plastic with no needles to back out, nothing to adjust. I was timid about tearing down the plastic to see what was inside so it sat. I didn't really want to take a $200 mower in to a shop where it would be for weeks and I'd get a repair bill that was a higher percentage of the mower's cost than would be worth it. Watched your video,, fixed it right up. Oh, I didn't have any small wire so I pulled a plastic bristle out of a small hand broom.

  13. Cleaned the exact carb on my mower 5 times. Everything is clean. Float and needle work fine. Starts great then dies like is it running out of fuel. The one question you and others do not address is the tube beside the emulsion tube i.e. the tube with with the O ring on it. What is that supposed to do? In mine it does not appear to be another jet.

  14. Thank you for posting this video I've been working on small engine's seance I was a kid. I bought a new mower & used it once then had surgery so it sat only about 3 weeks but I guess the gas was older than I thought so I pulled the carb to clean it every thing looked good but I couldn't figure out how to get to the jets & emulsion tube. These carbs are very finicky to gas. My old mower same gas ran fine lol. Thanks again for the info.

  15. Wow Thanks a ton!!! the first time I cleaned the carb..I didn't clean out that white piece that was in the carb housing… was about to give up but found your vid… cleaned a small clogged jet hole… Booom! fires up and stays on! You the Man!

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