18 thoughts on “MTD Chipper/Shredder (242A645) repair / tune up and first start up – part 1

  1. Nice chipper. I picked up the same chipper today for 160$ great condition no start. I tore it down and found that the intake valve was varnished open by a year of no starting with fuel in it. cleaned it up and it runs good starts one pull. 

  2. Someone left gas in it too long. Ethanol fuel will gum up small engine carbs like syrup. Gotta run the gas out of them before storage. I do that with mine and it fires on the first pull every time as long as I choke it.

  3. I have had mine for over 20yrs. Runs good but can be hard to start the first time each year.
    Things my father taught me.
    If engine has been sitting a while, remove spark plug and squirt a bit of oil into cylinder.
    Leaving the spark plug out, pull cord a few times and maybe add another squirt of oil. This will lube a dry cylinder and reduce wear.
    Remove air cleaner, pour about a cup of gas into a soup can, crimp can to form spout, spray in some start fluid, pull to start, as engine burns starting fluid  pour about a tablespoon of gas down carb to keep engine running. Repeat as needed until engine is able to suck gas from tank down the hose to the carb. Use gas sparingly, only enough to keep it running.
    Do this in an open area, not garage. I may take a few minutes for this to work. You might wish to drain crankcase and replace oil after this procedure as unburnt gas can bypass ring and dilute your oil.

  4. I bought the exact same one at a junkyard it was going to be junked or shredded I thought it would be useful I bought it for $17 and I just came home put gas in it and it started on the second full I have used it now 3 times and it chips awesome I can never understand why someone got rid of it it works just fine it was in a junk pile and there's nothing wrong with it

  5. I dont know if this a bad design or I am missing a part but the 2 bolts that keep the carby base intact came loose and fell into the carby, I had to remove the carby to get them out, what a pain that was as I had to remove the throttle butterfly to get the bolts out and they damaged the bore a little just enough to stop the butterfly from working so I had to hone the bore a little but its all good now

  6. Nice machine! I would love to have one, (never had one). Most of the used "carbs" I run into have gook from ethanol, once cleaned they usually purr like a kitten!

  7. I got the same one off of Craigslist on a trade for my lawnmower. I ran it about an hour put it in the garage. I went to start it up and run the rest of the gas out of it a week later late fall and the dang thing won't pull. Idk much about fixing these things. I'm hoping you can give me some help. Thanks for sharing the video.

  8. somethong that really helped me, if you take off that pulling cover theres a big bolt in the middle the the engine starter. use a drill to turn over the engine rather than pulling over and over. very helpful

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