MTD Powermore engine – Replacing the carburetor – Part 1

Replacing a carburetor on a MTD Yard Machines snow thrower.
Model #31AM62EE752
Carburetor #951-10974A

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28 thoughts on “MTD Powermore engine – Replacing the carburetor – Part 1

  1. I dont know that brand but mtd makes a reasonable engine :-))

    Quite a few bits to liberate from the outside to get to the carb though.

    I wonder if there is another brand of carb that would work better, carbs on all brands can be a pain in the bum lol.

    Smashing video :-))

  2. Hey- thanks for the videos again- Used the replacement carb that you said and now works better than when i bought it!! Has never run this good! wow—– i am very grateful for your fantastic video and owe you so much gratitude – started first pull after replacing spark plug- also replaced the ripped up primer bulb that came with the kit– thanks so much–

  3. Hello,  I have a 300 model of the Yard Machines Snow Blower.  My problem is the throttle control.  It's either full bore or it's off.  The springs don't appear to have any effect on turning the carb adjustment that increases or decreases the engine speed.  The spring attached to the throttle lever is a little stretched.  It appears that both springs pull in the same direction,  Do you have a video that shows how the springs and rod that work the throttle control?  Thanks.

  4. Hello, Have a MTD Yard machine snow blower Model # 31AM32AD500 (22 inch).  The pull cover indicates 179cc S.E.T ,  Any one know what the S.E.T stands for?.  Also motor repeatedly pops through muffler when choke off approx 1/2, turn choke on 1/4 motor evens out.  Removed carb idle jet & main jet & cleaned.  I have not re assembled the carb yet, when installed if the engine still runs as per the video.  I have read that one solution to rectify this was to drill the main jet with a #68 drill bit, and the idle jet with a .017 welding torch cleaner.  Will this actually solve my situation?.  Last resort purchase a new carb or dump the machine.


  5. Thank you. I have been looking for this model in detail. I cannot believe how it was designed. Feels like first year engineers that have never worked on anything and F%&ING LAWYERS designed all of the shrouds. My 15 year old snow thrower have very little if any protection crap so everything is easy to access. Starts up every time and easy to repair. 

  6. I just can't believe how long it takes to get into these Chinese engines. I am certainly going to make sure I use good fuel and if I can find it without ethanol, I'll use that. Since there isn't a fuel shut off, you can't starve the carb which is a pretty good way to make sure your engines start and not surge from clogged orifices. Good video, thumbs up!

  7. It can be made to run like new with some carb cleaner and a number 68 drill bit. pull the bowl off the carb by standing the machine up on it's face and unscrew the main jet in the middle of the carb body. Spray out the main jet after you remove it with a flat bladed screw driver and liberally spray out all you can get too with cleaner. Take a small piece of wire , possibly by cutting one out of a wire brush and clean all the orifices of the jet. Using a pin vice you can clean out the main jet further if it is gummed up Replace the bowl and try it.
    If it still surges you need to go just a little further. Replace the shrouds and the carb will come loose after you pry off the control knobs with a large flat blade screwdriver. on the Powermore engines the idle air jet is on top of the carb under the speed adjustment screw. Remove the round wheel screw carefully counting the turns! Then pull the plastic cap/ plug idle jet by prying it out and spray and clean out the tiny orifice with the wire brush wire. Replace, reassemble and problem solved.
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  8. thanks very much for this. with your help, i swapped out the carb on my craftsman 24"/powermore 208 cc after cleaning attempt only made small improvement. runs perfectly now. thanks !!

  9. I have EXACT same engine, just rebranded to Craftsman and sold by Sears. Dude, your video just saved me hundreds of dollars. Thank you!

  10. troybuilt uses the same motor. ive got one that surging at full throttle. carb is spotless. going to re jet the main to .032 …..seems to be another frequent problem. but cheep fix.

  11. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I searched for so long for something that showed how to do this. Most show when the carburetor is already out…I needed to know how to get that plastic panel off. Purrs like a kitten now.

  12. or search predator 212 cc honda clone gx160 seller (6 sigmajetkit) they offer size #72 honestly id just have to guess 72,75,78 but do some research.

  13. Thanks man. I thought removing the choke knob was about the worst part. I don't see any kind of fuel filtration here, no wonder these little jets plug up

  14. This is a great video , do you have any suggestion as to where to get a sound reduction muffler to install on the end of that exhaust ?
    How old is this unit ?
    Thanks for posting

  15. Thanks. I was able to replace a few parts and get things going. First, my prime bulb was totally disintegrated and starting fluid wouldn't start the unit, so I searched for a primer bulb.

    Most places wanted $7 or more, for JUST the bulb.
    Found that a complete carb kit, with all basic parts, including new carb, primer bulb, gaskets, was under $20.

    Found several on ebay or amazon, for like $17.55 on up. Forget if it was ebay or amazon I ordered from.

    Ordered a carb kit with new prime bulb and gaskets..
    Replaced everything [new carb, hoses, prime bulb and gaskets]and then I find that it still wouldn't start.

    Unscrewed drain plug on new carb and it was getting gas.

    Verified spark outside of engine using a different plug. Saw sparks jumping, using snowblower's plug wire and a 2nd plug [automotive plug I had laying around]. Sparks jumped from plug's electrode, when placed next to metal engine,
    Didn't test original plug against side of engine, as I could not find my spark plug wrench, to remove it.

    Today I located spark plug wrench and removed it. All crudded up. Decided to replace but walmart, homedepot, kmart were OUT OF STOCK.
    Got an NGK at Oreillys for under $3.00. Installed and it fired right up.

    I am somewhat shocked that the plug caused a no fire condition. In over 30 years of DIY engine servicing, I've only seen 2 plugs cause no start issues. The other time the plug was melted. But this time it looked fine, except for being crudded up.

    So I'm back in business just as the snow is starting to fall.

    Thanks for an informative "how to remove and repair" video.

  16. I would like to suggest a video, if you haven't already covered the topic. [and I just haven't located it yet].

    ELECTRIC STARTERS – repairing or replacing the throw out gear, on these engines.

    Googling seems to show Strarter problems are the fault of the :bendix throw-out assembly gear's" teeth get ground down and slippage starts.
    Mine slipped 4 times in a row today, before finally engaging with engine.

    I found most places online want $150 on up for a whole new electric starter assembly.
    Ebay and Amazon has them at about $70 on up.

    No one seems to sell just the Throw-out gear piece, which I imagine can't be too expensive. I'd estimate the gear only costs like $10 to $20 [just a wild guess]

    Any sources you know of, to get the gear for the starter?
    Or, do you know of an interchangeable throw-out part number(s)?

  17. Where can I get the replacement carb? I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out what the right P/N is for the carb. I have found lots of ones on Jack's Small engine and RepairClinic and even Amazon, but I'm not sure theyre the right ones. They list lots of different carbs.


  18. Excellent video. So detailed that I follow up the same instructions sequence and I replaced my carburetor successfully..thanks…thanks..thanks !!!

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