MTD Transaxle Basic Rebuild (Replacing all Bearings) Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2 Rebuilding / replacing bearings in my transaxle transmission off my older model MTD mower, transaxle model 717-1050 or 717-761 and several other models are built basically the same, but may have different part numbers for the bearings. This is the type of transmission that has forward neutral reverse, no actual gears in it. I show all the part numbers at the end of of this video of all parts i replaced in this 2 part video. Thanks for watching!!



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  1. Hi i have a MTD mastercut 92 model no. 13AH483E659 having some trouble with the hydrostatic trans. i was looking for a manual or parts list for it, i don't know if it oil or grease goes into it. if someone can help me or email me at i would be grateful. Thanks

  2. I am repairing/rebuilding one on these on a Toro rider right now. I did not have the tools to reassemble the differential if I did take it apart but I wanted to get the old grease out as there was a lot of metal in the old grease. I took the differential out in the yard and I blasted it with my pressure washer. I then dried it out as well as I could with compressed air and examined it again. It still had some of the old grease in it so I blasted it again with the pressure washer and rotated the gears many, many times reblasting with water repeatedly until I got all of the grease out. I then hit it with the compressed air repeatedly until I had it as dry as I possibly could get it. After this I set it out in the sun and the breeze until I knew it was completely dry. Not wanting any rust to develop I took a can of silicone spray and I thoroughly hosed the inside and outside of the entire differential and placed it back in the sun to let the silicone spray carrier evaporate. This leaves every little part of the assembly still coated with the silicone which will prevent rust accumulating until I can get the trans axle reassembled. Just a friendly tip to anyone desiring to get the old grease out without disassembling the differential. Thank you,
    fnaguitarplayer9, for this video and for all of your videos for that matter.

  3. MTD requires a different type of lube, that’s what everybody that works on them sticks that junk in and it ruins the transaxle because it dries out!!!
    You can get an equivalent lube from Tractor Supply it’s a 00 lube it’s very liquid made to sling up and into all the nooks and crannies!!!

  4. That Differential cover is held on with 4 T30 Torx impact metal threads. Why didn't you remove the cover for cleaning and inspection? Thanx for the video 11FEB2018

  5. I mixed in a bowl Lucas & tacky red axle & bearing grease until its thick but still clings to the gears. If you just use grease it wont stay on the gears & it will leave an open path where the gear spins it will start chipping the gears. I had to replace a gear learned the hard way. To mix the grease & oil I used a electric mixer blade in my drill & it works awesome. I mow 7 acres with my John Deere it used to have a winding sound when I go forward but not any more.

  6. Hey player. I got a tip that some of your viewers may can use when attaching their shift rod to the transaxle yoke rod. The hole in the shift rod for the clip pin is just a tad larger than the pin itself. So it is sometimes aggravating trying to get the pin through as the end of the pin will obstruct itself on the outer edges of the shift rod, and not go through unless it is perfectly aligned. After a few tries, I grinded a nail point on the end of the pin. Then it fell right in first try.

  7. my mtd when i try to shift either from reverse to foward is so hard some times, you think the ball bearing is dry from grease on the transaxle shifter..

  8. hi Im replacing the needle bearing. During assembly could you explain the position of the small ball., I want to make sure forward and reverse adjust correctly , could you explain the adjustment again thx

  9. didn't show it but did you grease the shaft before putting the bevel gears on it to prevent cold weld to the shaft?

  10. Great & informative video!   How much labor time is reasonable to charge a customer for this rebuild/repair?  It's one of those jobs that I feel I can never charge the time it really takes, but want to be fair to the customer.   Thanks!

  11. Hey bud, how did you learn everything about small engine repair?…Did you work at a shop or go to school?….I mean you have serious skills man!..& I want to learn!

  12. Really good tutorial here ..thanks.  I have a lawn tractor with MTD transmission that seems to have a problem.  When I put it up on blocks the left side turns when put in gear but the right side does not.  Does that mean there may be a problem with the differential?

  13. I have an MTD almost exactly with this same transaxle, I took it apart about 4 years ago to see how it looked inside.  It had a lot of grease in it too, like yours did.  I cleaned it and added the regular grease you buy at advance, just for the heck of it I put in a couple of capfuls of some synthetic engine oil, I figured what's the worse that could happen, it would leak out.  I'm going to tear the lawnmower down this winter and it will be interesting to see how the grease and oil held up.
    I was thinking about drilling a hole in the case and tapping it for a grease fitting, not sure if that would be a waste of time since these things seem kind of bullet proof, mines a 98 model bought it new and I have almost three acres so it's been well used.
    I also have used slick 50 and synthetic oil in the engine and when I rebuilt it four years ago it was barely worth the money because there was so little wear, I was pretty amazed.

  14. What fluid do you put back into it? I have a Ranch King 42 inch tractor built by MTD. It's the 6 speed manual type transaxle. No hydro here…    And how do you change the fluid? This one's 10 years old and I want to change it.

  15. One day my wheel and axle came out while mowing, I stripped down the transaxle and I am not able to find any e-clips etc… How are the axles secured into the differential? 

  16. reely good video thx my troy pony while driving jump in an out of forward drive what do you think in worn or bad on it thx for ur help

  17. Great video thanks a lot, I have to do this in the next week or so and lock the diff
               any idee of the cost of the bearings .ps;the backgound noise was a bit loud, but               thanks again

  18. Yeah..the Sheel Alvania caked up badly, so when I bought the new parts, I replaced the grease with Snapper liquid grease. Seemed to work great. We'll find out how it holds up over the long haul. Available at Amazondotcom.

  19. I found this on Amazon for 12 bucks plus shipping. Seems to be perfect texture. amazondotcom/gp/product/B001OKBHRK/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Snapper brand liquid grease. Cleaned off as much of the old as possible and used this. BTW..this bottle was plenty.

  20. no problem! not all the time! it probably is very similar, but this one in this video is from the 70's, the design hasn't changed much, i took a 90's apart and the bearings are different and the splines are different on the shafts, other than that it looked identical. no problem!

  21. @fnaguitarplayer9 Thanks for the quick response I'm sure you're a busy man. I guess I'll open that bad boy up for a DIY job haha. Plus I like to see how things work. And hopefully I can achieve my goal to fix the problem. FYI I have a MTD 13A1762F729 (2007) by the online diagrams its very similar to your video post. Thanks again, your video really did help.

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