I picked this murray ultra 2046 garden tractor for $40. It was listed with a blown engine, i primarily bought it for the wheels and seat which i wanted to use for upgrading my daily driver and a seat for my husqvarna. There was an outside chance that the blown engine was an easy rebuild if it was just one connecting rod. After taking the engine off the tractor and a complete disassembly, i found both rods were broken, one piston was damaged, the camshaft was broken in half, and the oil slinger was trashed. Although the cylinder walls, and cylinder heads were in great shape, the innards were so damaged that its not cost effective to rebuild. I will probably sell the parts on ebay and will look for another motor. It literally took me all day to dismantle the engine. It was my first twin engine breakdown and i found it a great learning experience.

update: 7/18/2018
I ended up listing pretty much every good part of the engine. i had to throw away the engine block and sump as there was too much internal damage.
i sold a few things already on ebay.
magneto $32
double crankshaft pulley $57
air filter and base assembly $35
carburetor with fuel pump $88
both air guide covers $28
red engine cover $22
flywheel $32

so my $40 i spent on the tractor has been profitable.

still looking for a motor.

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  1. HI Henry just finished watching you get your huskavana without wheels running. Now i'm watching tear apart your Murry Garden Tracter. I'm hoping you have a simple fix.

  2. polish the crank journals, new rods, new /used piston/rings /cam/gaskets… too bad ppl cant CHANGE THE OIL or even CHECK the oil once in its life??? forget every 25-50 hours, depending on how HD use. clamped gov with hose clamp??? couldnt just move the spring on the gov arm over a few notches to get it going a LITTLE faster… and put fresh oil in it once in a while… at least every season.

    WOW. must be nice to just buy new every 2 years or so when blow up a machine cuz cant/dont know how to change oil in a motor? the hydro unit needs its oil changed too with 10-40 motor oil. drain on … bottom, 6mm allen head screw plug/change filter with SPECIAL HYDRO UNIT FILTER, NOT oil filter that fits!!!!

    then add motor oil thru the vent hose, start/idle in gear with tires off/off ground after putting in as much oil as it wud take (66-122 oz of motor oil, 15-50 MOBIL one for purists), pull/push thing to be able to push mower by hand, hydro drive over ride so wheels wont turn when in gear to burp system, add oil, in fwd/rev, let it idle, burp, add, burp add… for 5-10 mins. should be ok? the pump on the hydro unit is $650 … so… even $25 for MOBIL 1 synthetic oil for the hydro unit is cheap… compared to new hydro pump that has very very small tolerances in the 5 shooter revolver pump and drive things. like .003" and it is not good and wont pump/be driven? because of dirty hydro motor oil? wow a $2300 mower ruined by the lack of $50-$75 worth of maint every fall/spring.

  3. What is the length and dia. of the crankshaft? I have a blown up kohler courage engine I need to swap out. It has 1 inch dia. And about 3 inch long.

  4. that thing would still run fine with that broken piston based on where the break is…
    I ran my RMX 250 with a broken piston like that… and It never had any issues.. Now if it was broke at the pin holes.. that would be a problem– obviously.

  5. i think it was over-revved with junk oil, that hose clamp looks like it is holding the governor and the rigged throttle. if the case is good use it for parts or rebuild it. up to you👍

  6. Here's a head scratcher for you, got a tractor, with a blown 21hp ohv briggs engine, I had gotten a very nice oppy 18hp, ok I took the bad engine off the tractor and put the 18hp oppy on, everything bolted up and plugged it no problem, hooked up fuel, and battery, and the sucker started right up, and ran super smooth, reved it up, sounded great, then all of a sudden, either a popping, or slapping sound started, not a banging….. Not a banging….. It would go away at higher rpm and sounded good at idle, but mid range popping or slapping sound, on the left side, ok so I took the spark plugs out, both sides have compression, ie…. Air blowing out of spark plug hole, so both pistons are moving, I put the spark plugs back in, and the sound from the left side is like the piston is slapping against the head, I'm thinking something is between the piston head and the head, like a bug nest, or made a bee hive, or maybe a blown head gasket, what are your thoughts, I'm digging into that side tomorrow and will let you know what I find, the sound goes from a popping to a slapping sound, never heard that b4.

  7. Take the whole engine apart clean and see whats your parts will cost.TAKE a lot of pictures if you don’t have a manual . Why a business can’t do this kind of work anymore at a 100 dollars a hour. This stuff is for the DIY.

  8. Sad thing since OBAMAM cash for clunkers. Cost for parts for anything has got out of hand. Just a sump gasket and bolts for the sump can cost 26.00 dollars just for that. That being that old of engine may not even be able to get some parts. The U.S. Goverment wants you to buy new and even sadder newer stuff is junk unless you spend 8 grand then it may not be the good stuff. I used to be a Small engine shop part time and was a dealer for Briggs, Tech, and Kohler. Been out of it for 25 years because the price of parts and labor people just would not come back for there stuff. That and the big three wanted the small guy gone. Now they wish they had the small guy back but the parts are just crazy nowdays. That's when I only charged about 10 dollars a hour or buy the job. Lost on some won on other . Broke about even really in the end. I had that engine myself on a MTD and mowed 3 acres for 20 years. Sold it for 100 dollars with 2 decks in good shape. Only thing I replaced was 2 coils that went out in 20 years. Plus just the normal maintenance stuff. I just could not sell it for more. Wish I had it back for that price today. Today they all make junk IMO. Today just be sure to change the oil and filter if you want the new stuff to last. On that twin didn't even have a oil filter and they lasted for ever if you changed the oil regularly. Look on you tube for the newer engines and they just make junk today. As far as parts have to buy much my as well junk it or save for parts if you have the room.

  9. I think if it's cheap enough to get the parts build it cuz it would be very cool to watch you fix it if it cost too much for the parts and nevermind new motor but if it's cheap for the parts might as well build it be fun to watch

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