Murray 22″ Lawn Mower – Carburetor Cleaning, Nasty! — Craigslist Find Part II – May 9, 2013

What a nasty Carburetor, float and needle were just stuck in dried up gook which explains why gas was pouring out it. I can’t believe the owner said it actually had ran before the gas started pouring out. Cleaned this Carburetor, replaced the Seat and Needle, the Bowl Gasket as well as the Bowl Gasket Nut. No leaks after putting it back on and putting gas in the tank. See Part III for the first Cold Start:



21 thoughts on “Murray 22″ Lawn Mower – Carburetor Cleaning, Nasty! — Craigslist Find Part II – May 9, 2013

  1. Hi mountain i got a tiller with bowl carburetor its fixed with 2 screws. if i unscrew those its still really stuck cant take it apart could be fixed with yet another one or should i go try to get the bowl lose with a hammer?

  2. Hi Laarson, thanks for viewing. A few light taps with the end of a screw driver going around the bowl a few times will work it loose. Then a few twists left and right should get that bowl off. Seen those pretty stuck before the rubber gasket just bonded with the bowl and carburetor. Be sure to replace all that afterwards it would leak. You can also find you engine Model # online and view the carburetor diagram to verify how it should come apart. Let me know how that goes and take care.

  3. I'm working on the exact same carby.when you blew air through the hole next to the main venturi did I come out from somewhere. I have cleaned it a couple of times but I seem to be getting no flow through that hole.thanks

  4. My Murray 22" is a 4.5HP. When I start it, it runs for 3-4 seconds and dies. Maybe it's running off the gas I pumped from the bulb. But then I finally got it started, it ran at such high RPM I had to shut it down. Then it started with no problem, but would zoom up to high RPM again. Is this a float stuck wide open?

  5. Thanks mountainbikekayak for your video.  Your Craigslist find made my 10 year old carb. look spotless.  I've used 10% eth. regular over the years and have left fuel in it overwinter.  Good job bringing it back to life.

  6. I work on mowers and see this often . What I use to clean the varnish is Mean Green at full strength . I just let it soak and I keep an eye on it . About every 30 minutes or so . I do this because there is a danger of letting it set in that stuff way to long . Mean Green will start eating away the metal and turn it black . I tried everything and found nothing good . So if you know anything better please let me know .

  7. my neighbors are having problem with their Murray 22 inch mower stating the exhaust is blowing white smoke and oil is coming out through the air filter carburetor area can you tell me what is causing this so I can try and help them.Thx

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