Murray 30550 Rear engine motion drive belt replacement

This is a quick video showing the basics that need to be done to get to the Transmission motion drive belt for the Murray Rear engine.

Diagram link



13 thoughts on “Murray 30550 Rear engine motion drive belt replacement

  1. I have a craftsman mower just like yours and my motion belt broke and I have not put the new one on because I have not been able to "crack the code" on getting the belt routed until I saw your video. Are you going to post a video of the installation? Thanks for giving me hope!


  2. I was going to post an after video but I got in a rush to try it out. you can see the path somewhat if you search for the diagram for a Murray 30550 motion belt. I will try to post a link

  3. Hey does that rear transaxle mount on the very back does that make it line up to the idler pulley i have almost the same mower mine has a footie transaxle

  4. Thanks Mr Jim Holzmeyer… Was hoping I didn't have to remove the axle, but I guess it's the only way… Again thanks for sharing

  5. Jim, you can actually drain the oil & fuel and stand the machine up on it's rear then remove the deck. Take the stack pulley off crankshaft (bolt recessed in center of stack pulley) and then loosen the belt guide bracket and the belt will come off. No need to drop rear differential.

  6. just did this job in 5 minutes… you only need to remove 3 bolts! 1 retaining the jockey wheel and 2 holding the belt retainer…… flip the mower on its side! (no I didnt drain fuel or oil… started again no problem)

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