Murray LAWNMOWER Won’t start? Briggs and Stratton E-Series 4.50 HP: CABURETOR REMOVAL and CLEANING

NEW Lawnmower won’t start after storage? Murray Lawnmower will not start after sitting 4.5 , 5.00 , 5.50 Horsepower. EX500 EX550. Jeff’s Little Engine Service shows you HOW TO FIX YOUR LAWNMOWER that won’t start, surges or will not stay running. Briggs and Stratton E-series engine carburetor. 4.50 Horsepower. 7.25 Horsepower. Primer operated or Automatic choke. E SERIES Briggs and Stratton Small engine. Same engine is on Yard Machines Lawnmowers.PLEASE KEEP IN MIND when you are watching my videos: I am showing you the least expensive, quickest “backyard” methods for repairing or servicing your lawnmower. Replacing all components such as gaskets and fuel lines is always recommended when rebuilding or repairing equipment. With these videos I hope you are able to fix and repair your lawnmower yourself with minimal parts, knowledge and tools. Thank you for watching!
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41 thoughts on “Murray LAWNMOWER Won’t start? Briggs and Stratton E-Series 4.50 HP: CABURETOR REMOVAL and CLEANING

  1. I've got several pushmowers some old and two not so old. my 22 inch pushmower stopped running and I ended up having to get another one only this one is a 20 inch. it was running fine all summer. changed the oil, kept clean gas in it and made sure that the airbreather was clean. a few days ago, my neighbor borrowed it and just left it out in the elements for a couple of days which I had asked her not to do but did anyway. today she went to go mow and it ran for a moment then quit. I went over and checked it, it has compression but no spark kicking in. checked the plug and it looks ok but I'm wondering if there could be something else going on?.. (she likes to mow with the deck way low to china when she mows and I tell her not to but she does anyway).. I'm wondering with these newer models that require the higher priced gas, if there maybe something else going on keeping it from running?..

  2. That is exactly the carb I have.  I am kind of thinking about just getting a whole new unit since the one I have was submerged by Harvey and I got a whole house to get unflooded.  But thanks for the video.  Good to know how to do this in case I decide to get industrious and somehow the house fixes itself.

  3. Thanks bro this shit worked. I took off the carburetor just like you said cleaned the jet and the inner housing and put the shit back on. Two pumps of the primer and it came on really strong. Thanks I was going to throw this piece of shit in the garbage and go buy me a Honda. All it took was a can of carburetor cleaner and some effort. Saved me 400 bucks.

  4. I'm working on a Murry mower similar to yours mine is leaking fuel out of the little white nipple on the side above the fuel inlet line is there a way to fix that

  5. Thanks for the video dude. Bought this mower brand new and only used it 3 maybe 4 times before it wouldn't start anymore and this did the trick. Kind of concerns me though if I'll have to do this every 3-4 uses based on all the comments on this video and reviews online.

  6. I've done each step you show twice. The 4.5L Murray once primed starts then dies. If I keep the primer bulb continuing depressed it will run but die again. Obviously it's not getting gas. What have I missed?

  7. Amusingly, removing the fuel hose was the worst part for me. That thing did not want to let go. To put it kindly, I am not mechanically inclined, but your video and 20 minutes has my lawn mower running. Thanks so much.

  8. I didn't know how to separate the carb so your video helped a great deal in making sure that I wasn't going to break it. Thanks.

  9. Excellent video. I was given a 6 month old Murray Briggs & Stratton auto choke push mower that wouldn't run. It looked like it had just come out of the box. Followed your instructions and cleaned the main jet circuit. Found trash in the circuit and in the tank. Put it all back together and runs like new. Thanks for the great instructions.

  10. I am so thankful that you made this video, We have been using a push mower for the last 4 year and its near impossible to use on high grass. I recently saw someone throw out a gas mower. I took it home got some carburetor cleaner, checked the spark plug and removed all the excess oil, even cleaned the exhaust that was filled with oil. Well by your video I was able to pull it apart the carburetor and put it back together and now this mower starts with one pull. I now have a gas Mower. Just like the one you have. LOL

  11. Mine still don't work. Only a year old and everything in place. Cleaned out everything as in video . I primed a few times and it will start only for a few seconds then cuts off. Should I just replace the carburetor? Only $23 at Home Depot.

  12. These mowers are crap.
    I buy a mower to cut grass, not work on.
    I had four of these three in two weeks time, each went back and swapped for another.
    One the crank came apart first crank, the second began to leak fuel while running, the third leaked oil after I put oil in it and it never cranked.
    The fourth one ran for one season then stopped.
    Fix It? Heck toss it.

  13. Mannnn brother thanks a lot for this. Clear to the point, i've never messed with carburetors or anything before but followed this and got my little mtd runnin again! Thank ya!

  14. Great video! worked on several carbs before ,this one was a new one to me, so your video was very helpful! Engine started right up afterwards, but then started surging immediately and continued to do so, never level out to even idle.. Any suggestions in particular what could be causing or should i just clean it again.. was thinking of dropping gas tanks and cleaning as well even though it has a screen in it and look relatively clean inside..your advice would be greatly appreciated..Thanks

  15. Great video. Didn't fix my problem, though. Nope. Emptied the fuel, took it apart, cleaned the carburetor out, got it all reassembled, and it still wouldn't start. Remembered I hadn't plugged the spark plug connector back in. Realized upon plugging it back in that I had not unplugged it in the first place. It had been unplugged the entire time…. I am not a wise man.

  16. hey jeff i have a problem , I did everything you said and put the carburetor back on but that little white pointed piece and the little smaller hole with the red gasket car leaking gas. can you help?

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