8 Replies to “Murray Oil Change”

  1. Great video ,very helpful! My Murray tractor is 10 years old and I never knew I had to change the oil…..it's been sputtering and such and my son asked"did you ever change the oil?"…..I said"oil?…" haaha

  2. Fast forward to the year 2008 when I signed up for a Youtube account I needed a name and FerdinandMagellan was already in use being I couldn't think of any other name to use that wasn't already, so I attached "08" to the end of it.

  3. Thanks. The story of where my name came from is rather interesting. Back when I was 23 or 24 some friends of mine and I were in downtown Louisville, Kentucky looking for a certain place I can't remember exactly. I got the directions mixed up and wound up several miles from where I was supposed to be. We were getting ready to go somewhere else later in the day and I said "I think I know where to go." Right then a friend said, "Well let's go, Magellan." The name stuck to me ever since.

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