Murray Won't Move!! Why?? Lets find out! #smallenginenation

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If you’re not sure what your application (belt routing) should look like, do an internet search for “Make and Model Number of Mower” then Drive or Mower Deck Belt Routing Diagram.



36 thoughts on “Murray Won't Move!! Why?? Lets find out! #smallenginenation

  1. My Murray has the same problem of running, but not moving. The drive belt is not as accessible as on the model that you have there, but it is slack, so I'm assuming the problem is the same. I've now got to look for a way to lift it and gain access. Thank you for the information on how to do the repair. I've subscribed.

  2. Thanks for the videos. I have the same mower. It won't drive but wants to. my belt is pretty old- maybe original. It is pretty cracked, How tight should it be? The pullys are moving. Does all the power come from the front? that is moving strong but when I try to drive, the back pullys stop. Could it be anything else?

  3. On this murray, if the pulley on the trans is spinning but not the wheels is that a bad transmission? Have same exact Murray

  4. how do you store all the different parts do you keep all parts from a rider in one box or do you put all in diffrent boxes. what would be the best way when I need a part?

  5. Murray the worst mower I ever changed a drive belt on. I spent, so much time changing a belt, I think it took me 45 minutes to do it. Thanks God it worked and didn't need any adjustments.

  6. Under the chassis the clump of grass looks like a bird nest. It would be funny if a bird came flying out while the camera was rolling.

  7. I have a crumby set of the double end ratchet wrenches and they are terrible. The angle is to high and they are too thick. A good set in my future?? My spares box comes in handy like yours. My parts are smaller though. (handle stuff)

  8. Needed a gas cap for a cub cadet 3.500 inches wide but didn't want to buy new $25 looked through my parts shep pile of tanks and FOUND ONE 😎
    Also fun to find things you didn't know ya had. Found chains in my tractor grave yard and to this day still don't know where I got them from gave them to a friend since I don't need them.

  9. Saving small parts that are easy to keep and find is more valuable than the cost of the trip to the store to buy it, especially for small screws, nuts and bolts. Thanks Zip!!

  10. Awesome video as usual Zip. Love watching the mower repair videos and have learned tons from u and Taryl fixes all. He's one of your neighbors there in Indiana ha ha.. Hope to see another new video soon. Have a safe week sir…

  11. simple fix You lucked out again!! yep i have a bucket full of pulleys too! and I agree with You Zippo on ratchet wrenches, been using them for a few years too. i couldent help looking at this video, Do You remember a few weeks ago i was working on a yardman with the 17hp briggs intec with the coil problem? got it running and the belts were all screwed up pulleys and shit bent/missing…. So the neighbor guy just happened to need a briggs v twin and I just happened to NEED LOL an old landlord 101 he had she smokes like all 50 year old briggs but leaves pretty stripes lol well at least if the belts go flying i know how and where they go on this mower!! the coils were both toast but the diode video was great!!! as always I thank You for the info Ill take all i can imput in this old brain of mine, Take care Freindly neighbrhood Mower Man/Mr.Zippo.….. bob

  12. my neighbor dropped off a scotts/john deere to me for free. opened the hood and saw a 20 horse intek. pulled the engine and 1 idler pulley,scrapping the rest. i tested the engine today,125 psi compression. test fired it on starting fluid,carb is dirty though. i too keep extra parts,but use plastic milk crates labeled with toe tags

  13. Success man. Those pulleys can just go out. I have seen the hydrostats go out though. Or even better when customer has tires repaired and key way falls out and they don't even know it. Seen that a time or ten. Great video my friend

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