29 thoughts on “My New Craftsman Generator with Briggs & Stratton Engine

  1. am looking for a generator as i see this video but the generator i want is a WINCO 12,000
    do you have any advise on those ? the reason is for commercial roofing use

  2. hi dony i have a generator like this it was working well then it just all a sudden lost the ability to prods electricity do you know wot code of corsd this it only has about 70 hours on it . thanks

  3. For a thousand bucks it better start on the first pull!! lol!! I love that stat station on your generator. My home came with a 5500/6875 watt Coleman generator/11 hp Tecumseh , I had them put it in with our offer when we purchased our home as well as two riding lawn mowers, one a Craftsman and the other a Weedeater, I ended up selling the two mowers for a John Deere X300 with the tractor shovel attachment.

    I'm sorry to hear the your wife is ill. Sending prayers from Michigan.

  4. Hey Donny I just repaired one of these.  A pal of mine is a carpenter and he runs it all day long.  The intake valve just came right off.  Luckily nothing broke inside the motor   lucky.  I did do a vid.

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  6. I bought this generator 5 years ago as a back up in case of emergencies.I went to fire it up this fall, it ran for 30 seconds and the motor seized. I did all the proper maintenance, ran it every once in a while (as recommended ) used the recommended oil, did all the correct storage procedures, yet it still seized on me after a grand total of maybe 6 hours use . $930.00 to repair ( cracked block) so the repair is more that the unit is worth!!! SO this is just a warning to everybody out there !   I'm going to buy a new generator .. but, it wont be one of these !

  7. I have a B&S 5550 watts generator that I cleaned out the carb. However, it will still not  run. I sprayed some carb cleaner into the carb and it just burns it and stops.

    My question is Do you have a video detailing how to bench test a carb before mounting it back on the generator? My gut feeling is the needle is getting stuck and won't open up to let the fuel flow.

     I looked at some your videos but haven't found what I need.



  8. Hi there…I am confused by the circuit breaker switch on your/my generator,same model as yours,there is no mention of how to use it in the manual,is it optional to use?,or in order to use the outlets do you move it to the on position?…Thank you

  9. Thank you for the reply,even with it in the on position I still am getting no power to the 120 plugs,I have not tried the 240,are you aware of any fuses or or other breakers that I might have missed that would cause this? Thank you,Andrew

  10. i didn't realize your wife was sick brutha, hope all is well. i have a handicapped child and this latest massive outage your tricks saved my generator and made kid comfortable. lol I am a little shocked with your skills you dont have 5 used machines humming along for 20 bucks each lol (i know this was 2010)

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