My new(old) toy! please read description to find out the engine

my 1991 toro with a 5.5brigggs and stratton engine 2in1 mowin 3 speed selfpropel with blade clutch
Its a beast!

Briggs made this engine back in the 90’s when they were losing business with toro because of jap engines(jap crap)
so they thought of the best, user friendly and best built motor. They call it “QT4”
its all in my “Legend of Briggs&Stratton” book



37 thoughts on “My new(old) toy! please read description to find out the engine

  1. yeah its a briggs
    briggs made it back in the 90's when they were losin business with toro because of stupid jap engines
    its a cool design briggs thought off

  2. yeah it is
    i was surprised
    i looked it up a long time ago when i had a mower jus like this jus a little newer(this one is a 91 the one i had awhile ago was a 94) thats how i found out it was a briggs

  3. Yeah the first mower i had like this i searched it on google to find out the eninge to find out what it was and turned out to be a briggs, these are real good motors, there smooth and quiet
    these mowers retailed for 600 bucks new

  4. Like i said everyone has their own opioin, jus because yours burst into flames doesnt mean mine will, jus because brians stopped mowing when he got into tall grass doesnt mean my does. this is my second mower like this, the first one the tires on the back peeled off and thats the only reason i got rid of it, other than that it mowed great

  5. thats wat i thought at first
    but i googled it and i also found it in my briggs book
    they made this motor cause they were losin business with toro cause of foriegn compotetion

  6. wow are you series? are there any logos of the diamond on there? sounds dumb, i sold one of these a long time ago, thinking it was some el cheapo chinese motor….

  7. no theres no logos to be found anywhere, surprised me too, but you no how briggs makes that europa engine? the engine i have here and the europa have the same design jus different shrouds

  8. nice mower, you probably have way more stuff than i do but, anyhow like i always like to say

    i like briggs their engines last so long and run great, i had this tech… engine and it wasn't nearly as old as my 3.5 hp and it ran like giant peice of junk, and my grandmas toro is about 3yrs old and it has a rod nocking, i hate junk engines. anyhow nice vid

  9. trust me its a briggs, its the same block as the europa briggs
    i even have a briggs and stratton book showing this engine
    the air filter is a briggs filter
    the electric starter i put on it is a briggs starter casue the mounts are the same on the new ohv and quantum engines

  10. i read that briggs made an exclusive engine for toro so that toro wouldnt stop using briggs engine
    ive got a briggs book and it talked about it somewhat

  11. these were one of the best engines that briggs has ever made, in my personal opinion
    i worked this thing just about everyday through the spring, summer, and part of fall
    i ended up changing the oil like 4 or 5 times

  12. This is a B&S Europa that replaced the more expensive Suzuki. I have 2 Toro's with the Suzuki and have used the Toro with the Europa. The Suzuki "jap crap" as you may call them are the best engines Toro ever put on their mowers. The Europa's would be the 2nd best. Don't get me wrong, Europa is a good engine but if I had to choose between the two, Suzuki would be the choice. Even most small engine techs would prefer Suzuki over Europa.

  13. @MrGiantstpss Suzuki's said GTS as well so they were not reserved for B&S. Even Toro's with Tecumseh's have it on the shroud. GTS is a Toro copyright for guaranteed to start.

  14. @Chrisgarage1 You can tell it's a B&S because with the Europa, Intek, or Quantum if you're standing behind the mower in the mowing position, the carb is on the right side and muffler is on the left side. All B&S engines with a float bowl carb are like this. On Honda OHV and Suzuki OHV, they are reversed.

  15. I have this mower too, it's a 91 5.5 GTS and this thing is a beast. It always starts on the first pull. The engine idle is also very quiet. I like how you can have can just use the self propelled drive with out having to have the blade engaged.

  16. Hey I don't know if you have much literature on this mower, but I recently picked up one very similar.  It does NOT have the "blade clutch" but the engine looks the same.  I can't for my life find any model numbers on this thing, and I need a few parts to get it up to speed again, including an air cleaner cover and carburetor kit.  It has been neglected but still runs like a champ!

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