Mystery Sears Craftsman LT11 riding mower.

Looking for a little clarification on why this mower has the foot controls only on the right side and not the left like most riding mowers do. The owners manuals I have found online all show the foot controls on the left side (see link)

Model Number of lawn tractor: C45960311
Serial Number : 870568A

Anyone know why?



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  1. I just picked one of these up last night from a scrapper. I nabbed it as a parts tractor for my mid-80's Coop 12/38 which has the same chassis, steering mechanism and deck mechanism. Hood, dash and drive train appear to differ. Also noted the foot pedal, but at first glance I thought it was reversible and didn't bother looking further into it. I'm going to strip it for parts, already started with the brash hex bushings on the front axles. The Coop came with plastic ones that were garbage. Wonder why they all weren't brass.

  2. This is an MTD mower design made by craftsman. When I was at school taking small engines class, there were tons of donated mowers there and one was a 1988 MTD that was orange and it's body design was identical this one here. Should be a 12hp Briggs and Stratton in it like this one. But the foot pedal/clutch thing is weird on this one. On the MTD it was on the left side…but everything else is exactly the same

  3. i have the  same one but in better shape i just make up my own parts or make them 
    yes i tried to find the year no luck so i just wing it

  4. i hear searscraftsman back then didnt keep records or any info very well on what they built i have an early 80's ltv and its tough to find anything at all about it.

  5. my grandparents honda 3813 is a right hand brake and the turfmaster im getting has it too unless its a seprate brake and clutch

  6. @winnipeggster – If there are belts still on it just bring those to any automotive shop they will be able to match you up with an equivalent. If not just measure the center bolt from each pulley and buy a belt with the same corresponding length.

  7. @19bigdaddy65 Thanks for the info. It's hard to tell with all the cross labelling from all the stores that want to sell THEIR named product. I had a hunch it was MTD simply because they are such a huge supporter of all this store brand labelling of their products. Cub Cadet, White, Troy-bilt, Yardman, Craftsman, Mastercraft, Bolens, etc…. that's all them.

  8. @kwakman99 from what I hear the 5 speed is a ford motor, The 7 speeds had trouble with speed or something, I will ask this guy I know who knows for sure…Later

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