Need Help : Farmall Carb & Govenor Problems

The Super A is Running Great, only 1 problem… I have NO CONTROL of the throttle! When it’s OFF, all the linkage seems to work as it should, when running, the Throttle linkage will NOT move unless I manually force it. And even so, it simply returns to one spot. There is NO Obstruction in the throttle plate
It’s adjusted 1 1/2 turns out on the Idle setting screw (Top)
and 3 to 4 full turns out on the Fuel Jet. (Bottom)
That’s what it calls for in the Zenith Manual Here :
Any advice gladly welcomes.



14 thoughts on “Need Help : Farmall Carb & Govenor Problems

  1. Is the part that connects the linkage to the butterfly valve loose?? My choke on my cub does that some times I think it's shut but the likage is just spinning in the shaft

  2. Watching your video .I can see and hear the binding on your linkages.Try spraying some lithium grease on the linkages.When your tractor starts it puts added pressure on the linkages causing them to bind.I had the exact same problem

  3. Throttle runs thru governor. You have a governor problem!! Easy to take apart, and when apart, i bet it will be very easily noticed as far as the cause. Most likely gov weight spring broken, or throttle shaft bushing worn so severe that it binds under load

  4. I have a 1953 farmall international super c. Looks very much like yours. I'm not a mechanic but I did notice your air filter is missing. Maybe the lack of pressure pulling the air in has something to do with it. Hook up the choke so it'll stay in the right place.

  5. I had this same issue after I rebuilt my carb. The new throttle shaft was a little wider than the original so when you bolted the carb back up it was shoving the linkage against the block and holding it tight. I fixed it by taking the throttle rod and instead of sticking it through the linkage from the block side I went through the linkage hole from the carb side and it freed it up.

  6. There seems to be an issue playing the video, so I did not get to watch it, but based upon your video description, it sounds like the governor spring is broken, or the governor weights are stuck in the out position. Good news is, if it is the weights stuck, then a rebuilt replacement governor only costs $90 from

  7. I wish I could help more, but I am pretty unfamiliar with how this works. Is there a spring that is supposed to activate somewhere? Good luck and keep us posted!

  8. The only thing I can think of Dan is possibly the rod for the throttle is not hooked up right. I know on my carb there are 2 holes on the carb linkage. Could be you have the linkage in the wrong hole. That's my best guess.

  9. I am going to say that a governor weight is hanging up/ return spring is messed up! I don't think there is anything wrong with the carb unless the throttle moves on the out side but the throttle butterfly is not on the inside!

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