1. The engine you took off has a 9 amp regulated charging system… the square box is the regulator/rectifier.
    The engine you put on has a 3 amp unregulated system with an AC lead for lights.
    In both cases the red wire is your DC charging wire.   On your replacement engine the white or yellow wire After the white plug/connection is your lighting circuit.
    Those are the wires coming out Behind the starter…. The ones coming from in front of it are as you said, a kill wire & the wire for the solenoid on the carb.

  2. The square box on bad engine is your voltage regulator. The two wires coming out from under the fly wheel are AC voltage off the stator. The voltage regulator has a third wire which is DC output to go to your battery for charge. Notice the bulge in one AC wire on new engine coming out from under flywheel. This is a DIODE that converts the AC to DC and has to go to battery or battery side of solenoid to charge battery thus eliminating the voltage regulator on bad engine. Just make sure the wire WITH diode is feeding back to battery. Other AC wire feeds your lights. Or cut out the diode on new engine and you can use the voltage regulator on the new engine. Look for the diode.

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