New Engine! 12.5 HP Horsepower Briggs and Stratton Power Built Engine

FIrst start up after i got this motor off a friend. Sat outside all winter, and had a mouse nest under the flywheel cover, good thing i took it off and seen it, or it would’ve burnt up. the original 2 piece Walbro LMT carburetor wasn’t in the best shape so i put a one piece flow jet carburetor on it off another engine. this motor runs fine just burns alot of oil, probably will be rebuilding it eventually. thanks for watching!



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  1. hey bro, I need a connecting rod for this same power built 12.5 motor……how do I find one, or even the part number. Thanks for any answer

  2. I have one of these (12.5hp I/C)  but don't know how to wire it up,it has key switch( has L,S,M,B,G terminals) there two wires that come from the fly wheel not connected, a black wire from engine(kill switch?) not connected . the solenoid is connected to starter motor and battery but not to key switch ? any experts out there?

  3. No, but i did briefly show/talk about it the 1st part of the 4 part rebuild video i did, all you do is remove the bolt then it should pull off, if not you may have to pound it off with a rubber mallet, still not off, it will have to be heated and quenched in water or oil to get it off. they can be e pain sometimes! thanks for watching!

  4. i would look on ebay first, might get a good buy on a used one, if not, go to pats small engine (online) and get one, but a new one will be expensive! thanks for watching!!!

  5. yes, it should be the same thing, if one is a newer engine it will have a 2 piece carb on it, only difference on switching them out would be the linkage hook up. thanks for watching!!!

  6. @1899lpv Nah on the newer style carburetors you can see both plates, but on the old ones (unless you pop off the welch plug on the end) your not gonna see much of the plates.

  7. @workensmart when i first got this motor i had a feeling it was aluminum bore, cause it didnt say cast iron sleeve on it. oh well, if the bore is scored i'll have it bored out and sleeved, if i take it apart and the bore is fine, i'll just put new rings in it. i haven't worked on many other motors besides the i/c series. what about the gold series?

  8. @workensmart i know that on the i/c's but i'm talking bout the motor in this video, it just says power built, unless i overlooked something. I just assumed all the model 28's were cast iron sleeve, if this is aluminum bore i'm gonna be upset lol cause they don't sale oversize chrome rings, and you can't use cast iron rings. i'm gonna be pulling the head on this motor to check the bore anyways so i'll find out then.

  9. @workensmart yeah they are. your talking bout the I/C series? i got 2 12 horse of them and a 12.5, this is the first power built i've got, so your saying this one is a aluminum bore? i know the I/C's are cast iron but i thought this one was too, like i said i've never had one of these before. i have a 11 horse that is aluminum bore. if this aluminum bore i'll have it sleeved, i don't like aluminum bore motors. and i have 2 briggs 5 horse blocks that are aluminum bore that i plan on sleeving.

  10. @fnaguitarplayer9 and the throttle valve would be the throttle plate or butterfly (can't see it unless you take the carb off the motor). A venturi is the "channel" inside the carburetor where it gets smaller, so it creates a stronger vacuum around the jets, would be an easy way to eplain it. A book should help out good, but i don't mind answering questions! if you got any more just let me know i don't mind

  11. @1899lpv i don't think it does, but if you need a rebuild kit i can send you a link to where to get it at, where i get mine it only costs like 11 bucks plus shipping. trust me, unless someone took it out (which i doubt) there i gonna be a choke plate or butterfly in there, on this type its hard to see because of how it "elbows" to the air filter, move the choke lever back and forth and look in at an angle and you should see it move. I guess it could be referred to as a choke valve……

  12. Does it have a number on that carb? Mine says "CHOKE" near from the fuel line filter without any lever on the outside and a choke plate inside???My nomenclature could be wrong but when I hear Carburetor I think Thermostatic choke,choke valve,throttle valve, air horn,metering rod,venturi…etc…I would like to rebuilt it one day with a kit…I really need to buy books so I can leave you alone with all those questions..Thanks in advance.

  13. @1899lpv yeah i like the older style better, they offer more adjustment and don't have to be rebuilt just to adjust the main mixture, the new ones don't have the main / high side mixture adjustment on the bottom.

  14. @1899lpv haha yeah, i ran it for about a hour or so and it burnt about a half quart of oil (SAE30 Valvoline).i had to stop and get some oil and check the gas LOL

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