37 thoughts on “New Engine!!! 5 horse Briggs and Stratton (Horizontal shaft / side shaft model 13)

  1. clean the carburetor, on them little pocket bikes the carburetors are really picky, i have to clean mine at least 3 times each summer. and another common problem is the float gets out of adjustment and you have to bend the forks either up or down to adjust it right and if that don't help, you may have to get a new carburetor, which really doesn't cost much.thanks for watching!!!

  2. take a piece of sandpaper fold it in half (small piece) then when the points are closed open them by hand, put the paper in between them then let it close, then just move the paper around, then just look at it every so often until it cleans up, then reset the gap. thanks for watching!!!

  3. This is a fine example of a 'clean old engine'. Its fortunate that you got a hold of it before it got scrapped…………..Music to my ears…………Thumbs up !

  4. use about a 220 or 320 grit, its not that critical really, or even a emry cloth, anything like that. any type will work, i like using wet or dry paper (black paper) but it really doesn't matter. i need to do a video on that, but all my points and condenser run fine so i don't really need to do it haha i usually only do videos if i need to do the repair anyways.

  5. well i did have to clean it up a little haha but it wasn't to bad. i know right! i hate to see a motor go to scrap. espicially one that just needs a little bit of work. i love how a 5 horse sounds! thanks for watching!!!

  6. thanks! i hear ya. i got 2 other 5 horse blocks that i plan to restore/rebuild they need bored and sleeved, so it will be a while on them haha thanks for watching!!!

  7. thanks! you don't really see them to much, this came off a old tiller. 2nd shaft is for reverse. Might be handy for a go kart some time, have reverse on it!!! thanks for watching!!!

  8. thanks! that tank surprised me! and when i bought it was outside, and it rained the same day i got it running haha HAHA funny thing is right beside where this engine is i found a yellow jacket nest there just a few weeks ago, glad it wasn't there when i did this video hahahhha thanks for watching man!

  9. Yes, sometimes you get lucky finding such a good engine. Other times it looks good, and the cylinder is Scored all to Rat! >:((
    Danged Yellow Jackets, this seems to be a vey bad summer for all kinds of those Nasty bugs with the Black and Yellow racing stripes!

  10. i got 2 5 horse blocks with badly i mean badly scored cylinders, i'm going to get them sleeved sometime. hahahaa black and yellow racing stripes, hahaha that was a good one!!!

  11. Yes, you have to watch out for any insect that has those Black and Yellow attention getting Racing Stripes. If you tangle with one of them ,you better RUN Forrest RUN!!!! šŸ™‚

    I uploaded the 5 horse muffler vid for you.

  12. yepp they ain't no fun at all! hahahaha thanks, i just watched it! guess i will end up doing one of the 2 things you mentioned. have to wait and see what kind of room i have on the mini bike frame before i extend it, unless i zig zag it out, which would cut down flow alot. haha

  13. I just picked one of these up where the tiller worm gear was destroyed and the tank had about 1/2 cup of sludge/rust in the bottom. Gotta love neglected and abused machinery. Great vid my Friend! Zip~

  14. Thanks for posting this. I'm glad I ran across it. I have what I believe to be the exact same motor. It also came from a tiller. A Monkey-Wards Gil 39034 D to be exact. I couldn't find any model or type numbers stamped anywhere. I don't think the shroud was original because it was painted silver. The rest was all painted the same color as in your video. I plan on restoring it but update the ignition.

  15. I had thought this was what I had on e rototiller I was buying but it wasn't It just has a shaft or pin in that area. I doubt it ever had this type of engine on it..

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