30 thoughts on “New Piston Rings Tecumseh Briggs Honda Small Engine

  1. Generally if they are cooking coils the fins around the piston are clogged with debris. Yes you can clean all the carbon out of a muffler. To do this you need to get the entire thing cherry red and blow it out with compressed air. The easiest way to do this is to put it in the coals of a fire.

  2. wondering if you might be able to give me an idea what might make a flat-head briggs hunt on the govenor ive cleaned the carb thinking maybe it was lean it also has a miss (pop) at all rpms ive tryed a plug that didnt help it starts very easy i havent tryed it under load yet

  3. You initial thoughts were correct. Your running to lean. Hunting is due to clogged jets. Did you try turning the mixture screw counter clockwise to richen it up? If this doesn't help I would suspect the 2 small holes behind the jet are partially clogged.

  4. I know its annoying. Usually the idle passage gets partially clogged. Wwhen the governor tries to let off the gas a little the engine wants to stall or die, so it instantly pushes on the gas again. This is interpreted as surging. Let me know if you get stuck.

  5. The bucket of carb cleaner has very little effect on these micro carbs. Automotive carbs yes. Canned carb cleaner needs to be sprayed through the passages. This allows visual confirmation that the passages are clean and flowing.

  6. I have a 4 cylinder motorcycle with only 3 thousand miles. it sat for 10 years and i got it running and stopped smoking after 60mi then the rusty gas tank caused carbs to clog and got rusty dirty gas in intake. now i cleaned everything out and put fresh oil. ive ridden it 100mi now since cleaning it but it smokes very very lightly. like almost not visible and only smokes when fully warmed up none at start up or during warm up. i checked oil fill hole and very faint smoke in crank case leading to believe its rings. besides the smoke it runs and starts perfect with 155 psi in each cylinder. Do you think that if the dirty gas caused it to smoke lightly that if i keep riding it that since the engine is such low miles only 3 thousand that the rings may re seat again? any input is greatly appreciated.

  7. so do you think there is a chance the rings will seat being the engine only has 3k miles? because im pretty sure its rings. because the engine is most likely not even worth rebuilding because it will outweigh the cost of the bike.

  8. thanks for sharing, It would be nice to have some more details like when you are removing the engine from the tiller. and removing the head etc. Still it is very helpful. thank you for posting

  9. Have a question. Top ring of oem honda set was dark on one side and metal on the other side. does it matter which side goes to top side of piston?

  10. By the look of the piston I give that thing about an hour run time before it smokes terrible again. That is of course unless the scored up rod gives up first. Aluminum bores must use chromed pistons, otherwise the piston scuffs the bore wearing it quickly. That piston did not have any chrome left on the thrust side. That is why the bore was scored.

  11. Man that Piston is shot! If your still out of tolerance with the largest oversize rings forget it. You could have it bored and a sleeve put in. Your best option would have been to re-power it with a new engine.

  12. There is a study online where a group of engineers did a study on ring GAP. They found that¬†due to the SPEED of the piston the ring end gap, even at 60 thou or more makes LITTLE difference…THE TENTION in the ring, out against the cylinder WALLS is mostly why rings FAIL. The heat takes the tension out of the rings over time. All small engines that are air cooled should be allowed to COOL down at slow idle for a few minutes to let the rings cool slowly. By the way, I have followed¬†65ford and his advise and he¬†always¬†gives GREAT¬†tips and what he does WORKS….NO BS.¬†My rings in my snow blower done like this….going strong and long….adding NO¬†oil¬†so… not burning any.

  13. The next time you change rings check the tension in old and new….BIG difference. Also someone suggested to me that ring end gap should be kept away from dip or cut out in cylinder wall¬†facing valves on Tecumseh engines¬†and others.

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