New plastic carburetor – easy cleaning parts teardown Briggs & Stratton Ethanol clogs

A simple look at a simple Briggs & Stratton carburetor from a 2016 Murray Lawn Mower. How to pop the white plastic valve ports out to clean. This is very easy and quick. This is going to be the case for most mowers left with ethonal over the winter months without use. Use non-ethanol fuel if you intend to leave the mower more than a month. Or test out some additives if you like. Test it. Place a mason jar of ethanol e10 or e15 on a shelf for a month. Did it separate?
The mower started first pull like it should.
You got this.



22 thoughts on “New plastic carburetor – easy cleaning parts teardown Briggs & Stratton Ethanol clogs

  1. Hey , is there a small cap that goes on the end of that white nozzle on the side next to the fuel line? I took mine all apart, put it back together, and now I get fuel squirting out of there. There's a leak somewhere from the carburetor housing, and it's not starting at all after initially running.. Help please

  2. the white piece you snapped back on assy keeps popping off. Mower starts and dies and piece is found backed off. What would cause this? Three times I snapped back on with same result.

  3. i worked for 3 days on one of these carbs. even bought a new rebuild kit. got it to run but unevenly. finally gave up. the lady bought the murry new. said she mowed yard 5 times and it quit. i've been a briggs mechanic 20 years. first briggs carb to beat me.

  4. I'm working on the same carburetor it's my neighbor wouldn't run pull it apart cleaned it and notice that the white Inlet above the fuel Inlet has no hoes on it should there be a hose on it? and if so does it go to the air breather backing? your videos are great thank you any help would be greatly appreciated

  5. Worked perfect. A couple of notes. Under the floats, is a little round dome shaped piece of aluminum. A cover over a port. It had fallen out. Put it in place, and lightly tapped it with a socket slightly smaller. Worked perfect. Also noticed hinge pin for floats kept falling out. Superglued one end. Worked perfect. Runs like a champ now. Thanks a million. Oh, also, I used welding tip cleaners to clean ports in nylon piece. Lots of different sizes to choose from.

  6. I think plastic parts like these are horrible and were only made to save a nickel on manufacturing. They don't seem to realize how many people would gladly pay that extra nickel for a quality part that will not fail so soon. Is anyone out there making metal carburetors that can be used in place of these plastic monstrosities?

  7. What's the small metal plate or plug off to the side of the valve assembly? It's above the float, looks like it acts like a plug. I found mine floating at the bottom of my carb can it be pushed back in place? Mower won't stay running but a couple seconds.

  8. Thanks for the video, really helped me get my mower working again. The problem was the little plastic piece that you have to pry off on the inside of the carb. After getting it out I noticed lots of dried gas deposits on it. The I took that piece apart further per the video and cleaned it. Now it runs great again!

  9. Thank you sir for this tear down , i have the same engine on my push mower and it would just not start and couldn't figure out why . I didn't know about the jet in the assembly in the center of the carb , took it apart following your directions and sure enough it had clog , used a wire and cleaner to clean it reassembled it and it started on the first pull , thank you again 🙂

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