NEW!! TORO TIMEMASTER 30 INCH – MUST SEE BEFORE YOU BUY!!!! – fall leaves review & rating

In this short video I showcase and review all the features and many of the functions of the 30 inch Timemaster walk behind mower. At the end of the video you will be sure of what your buying!



23 thoughts on “NEW!! TORO TIMEMASTER 30 INCH – MUST SEE BEFORE YOU BUY!!!! – fall leaves review & rating

  1. “These are the front wheels, these are the back wheels”. Jeez thanks for be obvious observation retard

  2. ok so this was new at the time and that was 2013 so 4 years later what is your assessment? Just to let you know I have a lawn mowing business and I do about 40 yards per week give or take.

  3. I heard that the belts on the Timemaster/Turfmaster have a tendency to stretch and need replacement. And it's not easy, a 2 hour job. I will be staying clear of this mower. When I saw them come out in 2012 I thought they looked like a fantastic idea. But with the belts and the clogging no thanks.

  4. let me you something about mower these ate great 21 inch mower are Snapper , toro Ariens , honda Gravley Bobcat Bunton are better cuting in lawn so that craftsman and lawnboy are crab ass ate not better mower I'm are professional landscaped

  5. This Toro TimeWaster is CRAP! I mowed 15 lawns and already broke a belt pulley. Wet grass=horror movie. I only like it for leaves removal. With the 30' and that bag, baging leaves is easy and fast. $999 at Home Depot. I will keep my 21' honda.

  6. I have heard such bad reviews and toro did not stand behind their product at all! Toro I hope you are reading this! Saw a video and the blade broke off and hit the house ! They wrote to you and you did not respond that to me says your a bad company to do business with ! I will never buy a toro product because you don't stand behind your trash !

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