Nikki Carburetor makeover / complete cleaning including air jets.

I published new better video on cleaning Nikki carburetors

So you think you completely clean your carburetor but the generator is still not running smoothly.
Well you probably didn’t do a good job or you missed something.
I could not find any video on you tube which shows complete Nikki carburetor cleaning including Air jets and those are very important too
So here is how to thoroughly clean Nikki carburetor on Briggs and Stratton engines. Enjoy and good luck.
Please let me know if I missed something.



22 thoughts on “Nikki Carburetor makeover / complete cleaning including air jets.

  1. It seems that many of these cheaper carburetors are replacing the older more costly and less particular walbro ones. From the outside, they look nearly identical. But it's inside where we can see how different they're made using plastics. I can see why buying a propane or natural gas conversion would make more sense with some engines. I recently bought an old snapper mower with the older style walbro carburetor and even ordered the wrong rebuilding kit and cheaper nikki carburetor for a higher hp engine. I'd bought a used cordless mower for $50.00 and it took three charges to cut the grass instead of using a rider. I thought I could use the exercise and now my right knee is out.. all to get some money off the rent each far, isn't worth it. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes, far less with more pain.

  2. Good video, these carbs are really a pain. On my carb I sprayed carb cleaner on the bowl gasket and it expanded to a point that I have too replace the gasket to get a proper seal. I used to have a healthy respect for Briggs and Stratton products, now they are no better than the cheap Asian throwaway products. all the Briggs and Stratton products older than thirty years old still out perform the newer products that are less than twenty years old. Too much plastic and designed to give the service and parts department plenty of money after the sale.

  3. Finally someone posts who has B&S carb problems like I have. I fight these things every year to get them running even after dumping lots of gas conditioner in them. This helps me understand that you just have to keep fighting with them until you win, or give up and buy a replacement. I'd say don't buy Nikki if you can help it, unless you want to clean them every year.

  4. I cleaned my carburetor, and the main jet was loose in the plastic housing. It just slides in free, so it doesn't seal as it should.
    Does anybody know: should I buy the jet (with the o-ring) or would the plastic housing have been damaged and should I replace that?

  5. My generator was doing EXACTLY the same thing only a lot worse.  I had to put my choke on about 90% to get mine to run.  My problem was one of the holes was stopped up in my carb.  In your video go to EXACTLY 8:14, at 8:14 you are pointing to a small hole on the inside of the carb.  This hole lets fuel go past the butterfly thru a canal and on the other side into the intake.  My canal was clogged completely up.  In order to see it you have to completely remove the carb and spray something thru it and you will see what I'm talking about.  Also, be VERY VERY careful about running that filler gage thru the emulsion holes, if you ream them out in the slightest you will ruin them……and it doesn't take much!   Hope this helps cs there is nothing anymore irritating than to hear that dang generator CONSTANTLY pulsing.

  6. yes the very narrow hole supply gas and air for the engine to idle and it leads to the front of the throttle plate. Very important to clean it for engine to run smooth.

  7. Ever since I saw your Nikki vid for the first time, I have to thank you for the spring trick, stretching it just a bit works perfectly EVERY time! oh I used to shutter when I would see one of these carbs! now I like servicing them! thank you sir, great videos also!

  8. +Juan Purple THE CARB ACTUALLY does come off! The correct size socket ( i don’t remember the size i used) and lefty loosy those long bolts will come right out. getting the Mechanical Governor link off is easy if your don’t give a f%^&.

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