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  1. How many Jets are in that black plastic piece? Trying to figure out if I lost one or if I have it in the wrong place.

  2. Recently I got a beat to death mower with an 06 Briggs twin intek, early model. They had problems with the number 2 cylinder exhaust pushrod being ejected into the motor and wrapping around and taking the cam out. Briggs fixed it with new a new procedure, rocker clearances and rocker adjustment torque. I'd done dozens back in the day.
    11 years out of warranty the customer authorized me to fix the cam, pushrods to and double head gaskets but not the carb. I emphatically emphasized that the carb needed to be at least cleaned since it had only been running on one cylinder and then sitting for a year, but NOPE! No carb work was authorized and it ran like shit and I'm the one to blame! It'll run lean on 2 and blow the head gasket. Not my fault.

  3. Kevin, thanks for the video. I have that same carb on a huskvarna mower with a 26 hp Briggs. It has always been hard to start when cold, since they day I bought it. It has to crank for a long time before it finally starts, but once it is warmed up it starts instantly. I have even resorted to starting fluid a couple of times. I plan to take the carb apart soon to check that little nozzle gasket with the 4 tiny holes, but was wondering if you have any other ideas. I have tried putting the throttle in different positions when trying to start it cold and it seems to have no effect. If you shut it off after it has been running for awhile, with the throttle set to high, it will not start again unless you let it sit for a few hours or pull the plugs to dry out the cylinders.

  4. Great Vid! Someone took a few bolts and a jet from my work bench. I needed this video to help me get it back together. Thank You Sir!

  5. I need a completely new Nikki v twin carb for my 21 hp motor and I cannot find them anywhere where could I either order one or ho buy one brand new need help ASAP

  6. What about the jets does the larger go on left or right mine are 115 and 117 numbers which does follow the parts list currently. there is an issue of the jets falling out on the Nikki Carb.

  7. I have a B&S 22 hp Vtech and would like to know how you decide which gas jet goes left or right. They have engraved numbers 111 & 114. I can see one seems a little larger than the other if this would help in proper orientation. Much thanks for any help. I guess left and right is as you sit on the mower?

  8. My solenoid is sticky. Picked up this tractor and it’s been sitting a while. Gas is bad and varnished. Going to get some carb spray and hit the solenoid and see if it frees up. Good or bad idea??

  9. Thanks for getting right back Kevin. I looked at mine today and noticed the gasket was installed correctly the triangular hole is a blind hole. I apologize. I bought a new e-bay $37.00 carburetor It was junk. Some of The 8 mounting holes didn't line up I had to drill them to get the long mounting screws through. The 90deg. fuel inlet tube on top snapped off when I was installing the fuel line. A Tech. that is now out of business worked on it a few years ago. He brought a complete Carb./ Manifold assembly to my garage and swapped it for me he also installed it. I don't think they are the correct setup for the 21.5hp Intek. I'm thinking maybe that is why the linkage is hitting? It mounted and ran good for a few years but I think that is my problem now. I'm thinking I will buy the correct assembly on e-bay. I'm following your video and trying to rebuild the present carb. The O ring on the retainer is way to big to fit onto the tube. I am waiting for a another one I just ordered. I hope it is the right one.

  10. hi Kevin: I hope you see this. I would like a response!! Really like your' vids. I have a simple question. At 9:19 am I wrong or did you put the gasket on upside down. I noticed a triangular vent hole in the inside of the carb and a round hole in the same location on the gasket. Just curios if they should line up?. I am attempting to rebuild my carburetor. You can buy a new carb for around $37.00 (I might do that) the price of the gasket set is the same or more depending who you buy from. Some times if you are lucky you can get a good carb. from Japan and just bolt it on. I have done that with singles (push mowers) A 5/32 socket will fit the 4 mounting bolts. Just saying,, :O)  better than a pliers.  One more curiosity thing, did you have to adjust the throttle/governor linkage when you reinstalled the Carb.?  I noticed the governor link at the Carb. on mine is hitting the intake manifold would you know why? Maybe wrong manifold? Well have to go out and work on my Craftsman L1000. Thanks for the well done video!. Tool Man

  11. Just purchased a new carb. Installed it and I think I tried to start it about 3-4 times. It cranks but won’t start. The 5th time it just clicks. Battery good. So I took my screwdriver placed it across the solenoid contacts and she cranked. But still didn’t start. So I think I burnt out my solenoid trying to start it. So I need a solenoid now. But why didn’t my new carb start the mower? Maybe it takes time to prime it or maybe I flooded it trying to get it started?

  12. great stuff, i was just going to do my nikki carb and i am glad i came across your vid . you saved me a whole lot of headaches because there was a lot of the little things that i would of missed, and its the little things that gives you the headaches. what carb kit would be best to get because there are some with less parts in them?

  13. Your video is amazing. I am having issues with my zero turn and needed a video like this to help me understand how and what to do. I have ordered some of the jet o rings you suggested. I will have your video up as I clean and rebuild my carb. Awesome job and thank you!

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