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  1. It should be easy to remove the rust on the other parts now that EvapoRust is available in many stores. Then, it will shine like a star in the night sky. You may even have to get a lock and chain for it. Tiller burglars are on the rise.

  2. Coil clearance needs no adjustment. Fixed. Any burglar who would steal a 30+ year old shitty tiller would be doing the owner a favor anyway. Front tined tillers are for idiots. Sure, the burglar may get a line of crank out of his theft but nobody in their right mind is gonna buy an old rickety front tined tiller (I own a Troy Horse and a B.C.S. 715. Anybody wanna steal them? You will get shot…not to kill but to go to a hospital and explain HOW and WHY you got shot! frikking tweakers…)

  3. …by the time I have decided which weapon I am going to fire, the tweaking burglar will be out of lethal range unless I use my International Harvester M1, Enfield, Hakim, Mannlicher Carcano or SKS. I have the right to protect myself, my family and my property.
    Sorry if I got off the subject. Just the mention of a thief that would risk back injury lifting a shitty old tiller steams my ass. I'll let you guys get back to yankin' each others ropes.

  4. I have a JCPENNEY TILLER Model 3030 and I can NOT find a single video, manual. Can you tell me what the numbers on the motor means…id engine. H650-67089A. It has a front pull and gas tank is layed out like yours on the video. I got it to run once and now I can not get it to run. I take the plug off and put starting fluid in and it will start then die. HELP PLEASE finkinkinc@woh.rr.com Thanks so much

  5. I learned to till with a front tined from the 60s, and I am currentlyworking on a 1970s front tine tiller. They arent really all that hard to use, But I prefer my 1992 5HP B&S Craftsman rear tine tiller.

    Now that I think about it, Ive left 20 year old lawn equipment out and it never gets stolen, but neighbors get 2 year old equipment stolen occasionally.

  6. I had this Sears top of the line front tine. It had 3 fwd/1 reverse gears. Heavy tiller. Worked great except the deeper it tilled, the lower the bars would go. I'm 6' 2" and I would be bent over. Got so bad I tilled on my knees! Then I got a Horse! Nice tillers. Walk away while tilling (not recommended) Then I got a hell of a deal on the BCS 715…$200. Almost mint shape but the tines were wore out…so I got $300 in it and worth around $1200. I scored! Can't hill w/it, though. Horse 4 that.

  7. @47485ksc My tiller has reverse, forewards without tines, and forewards with tines engaged. The clutch is controlled by a bail bar like a pushmower, so if im not holding the bar down, the belt isnt grabbing

  8. I have a homelite super xl chainsaw…weak spark through wire but doesn't go through plug…plug is new and comfirmed good…any suggestions?

  9. Get rid of the R plug. The plugs that have the resistor in them have nothing to do with radio interference on a small engine. They are made so for air pollution reasons. If the plug ID has an R in it, there is a resistor. Like Rcj6 or bpmR6y and so on. Go with a standard cj6 champion plug and I bet it runs…

  10. Actually, the resistor plugs are for eliminating RFI (radio frequency interference)
    In some instances, you don't want RFI around such as mining or anywhere explosives are used.
    A CJ6 is the wrong plug for this engine, too.
    I can't recall the correct number because I use Nippon Denso (ND) plugs in my business. A W14LMU. I'll try to research the correct Champion plug number.

  11. Use a spark tester, not a spark plug.
    Best fix is to remove the spark plug and screw it into an Echo, Shindaiwa or Husqvarna. Pour concrete into the Homelite's spark plug hole. Use it for boat anchor.

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