Non Running Wheel Horse Garden Tractor Find Fixed in 30 Minutes!

In this video: I purchased this Wheel Horse 312-8 from Facebook Marketplace for $150! The tractor was non-running, and I got it running in about 30 minutes. In this video I take you through the troubleshooting process.

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Episode Notes:

All safety switches and fuses were checked and restored to original condition off camera including seat, PTO, and clutch safeties. Since safety switches were not the topic of the video, those procedures were not shown here.


This video has been edited for length and clarity. This video doesn’t show every step involved during the diagnosis process.

Small Engines and Tractors are inherently dangerous. This video is intended for entertainment and demonstration purposes only. Viewing, commenting, liking, sharing, or subscribing does not constitute a professional relationship with us. iSaveTractors and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any injury or accident as a result of viewer actions. Always exercise caution when working with or on any engine or equipment.



38 thoughts on “Non Running Wheel Horse Garden Tractor Find Fixed in 30 Minutes!

  1. So I have a wheelhorse 417-8 with a kohler twin and it doesn’t have spark, I jumped the coil and jumped the solenoid but still doesn’t have spark and I took out the points, cleaned them but still doesn’t work

  2. Wanna give you a update since i talked to yah 63 john deere 110 is almost put back together i also just picked up a 1975 massy ferguson 112 thought you like that id like to send you a picture of it well both of them

  3. I was thinking can you make a video on what to look for when buying a used garden tractor because always get scared when i think about a tractor i find for sale that something will be wrong with it that i dont know about.

  4. I hope to find one of these old garden tractors sometime so I can work on them just like you do. They look like fun to work on! 🙂

  5. Watching your videos can be hazardous to your wallet. I already have 2 Wheel Horse, Allis Chalmers H-912, John Deere 212, Montgomery Ward oldie I bought in just the last few months. Only the JD is running right now. Expect a huge parts order soon as I am rebuilding the H-912. I just retired and I wasn't this busy. I curse Youtube:) I will have plenty to do this winter for sure.

  6. You should never underestimate the stupidity of former owners! I have hade many old tractors and machinery that some smart ass “repaired”. Installing a ignition switch or connecting a carburetor to the engine must be like rocket science to some people. Anyway what I mean is that you should check even the most stupid things if you don’t get it running. All it takes is fuel, air, compression and a spark, everything in correct timing and it works. Good video, I like the “magic” solenoid trick, only thing that would have made it even better would be a text: Magic is not included, must be bought separately.
    Regards Nils

  7. I have a early 1970s Montgomery Ward variable speed 15. Its got a 15 horse Briggs & Stratton cast iron engine. I was using the pulley puller and pulling stuff off of it. I broke the aluminum starter pulley on the engine. I have not been able to find that anywhere. Also I need to find a drive shaft adapter that goes on the engine. I think the problem that engine has is that it has bad spark so I need to clean up the points and see if it'll start. I'm definitely checking out your website I hope you have what I need.

  8. Awesome! I just bought a 312-8 myself a couple of weeks ago and it has the exact same problem. I might be able to get it running now, thanks to you!

  9. Hey Norman- what's your most admired tractor maker and why? (JD, wheelhorse, ford, cub, case). You seem to have one of each and I assume you have a favorite. Nice work on the videos

  10. i have watched u for a couple yrs now-but never commented. just wanted to say that u know a fella who is on GTT-and we talk almost daily on there. he goes by rdyprs–or something like that. lol not good at spelling.

  11. Hi Norman it's nice to know that I've been doing this electrical trouble shooting correctly sometimes I would doubt my self if I was are not until I just watched your video I enjoy tinkering on all lawn & garden tractors just as a hobby and the satisfaction of making them run again feels good once again nice video and a nice job with that old wheelhorse tractor

  12. I just bought my first tractor with a starter generator and the generator is stuck. can I get it rebuilt or should I just buy a good used one any pointers?

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