Now you can start your lawnmower with the turn of a key!

Wouldn’t it be nice if your lawn mower started as easy as your vehicle? Where you just turn the key to get the engine started. Briggs & Stratton’s electric starting system with ReadyStart® offers this technology to help making starting your lawnmower a snap. With ReadyStart®, an automatic choke senses the engine temperature and delivers the exact amount of air and fuel mixture to the carburetor. That means no priming, no choking, and – with the help of the battery no pulling of the cord. Briggs & Strattons electric starting system with ReadyStart®, simply turn the key and mow. See what these consumers have to say about this simplistic starting feature.



5 thoughts on “Now you can start your lawnmower with the turn of a key!

  1. i got one of these and it was a 700 series, but it would flood out the third time i tried to use it. it is a piece of crap. i would rather have a manuall choke and throttle. the only way it will start is if you pull the bail bar only half way

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