Off-Road Barbie Jeep Build EP. 11

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In this episode we build a custom breaks and rebuild the Honda CRF 450 dirt bike engine for the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler! PS Edwin married “The Girl” Today..

This is turning out to be one of those when mechanics looses their minds or insane engine swap type builds. Can we really even call it a go kart any more? or is it more of a front engined four wheeler. Maybe a custom tube frame off-roader.

Full list of parts on this tube frame jeep build here

Special thanks to Rouge Fab. Check out our tubing bender here and our notcher

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28 thoughts on “Off-Road Barbie Jeep Build EP. 11

  1. You should put load carrying shock absorbers on the front, or pull those little coil overs from the mountain bike off and just use a set of coil overs from a small quad front only, the rear seem to be managing well. Great job though that jeep is bad ass.

  2. My neighbor did something similar, building a 4×4 gocart with a cr500 engine and Baja trophy truck style suspension. It has a chain going to just forward of center shaft and chains going front and back. He wasn't able to fab cv joints, so used heavy duty braided wire mounted to the axle and steering knuckles. It works and handles the torque. It has about a foot of travel and sits like a pre runner with the front a little higher than the rear. He screams up and down the dirt rd by our property all of the time going 60+ mph and the front wheels barely touching the ground

  3. Wow, very capable off road by the look of it. I worry your brake lever is too sharp and could cut a hand in a crash etc? Hard to tell in the video, looks sweet.

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