Off-Road Lawn Mower Front-End Rebuild/Upgrade

Its time to beef-up the front-end after a little oops i had.

TRACTOR: Craftsman LT1000 (2002?)
ENGINE: Briggs I/C 16.5 HP Cast Iron Sleeve
REAR END: MST-206 (6 Speed)Peerless Transaxle
TOP SPEED: 11 MPH (17.7 KM/H)
RATIO(Before Tranny): 1.3:1
MY WELDER: Clarke Weld 130 MIG Gas/No Gas
ENGINE OF CHOICE: Briggs and Stratton



29 thoughts on “Off-Road Lawn Mower Front-End Rebuild/Upgrade

  1. i have a craftsman lt1000 and i have that same steering bar thing how did u get that tube on there cause mine got bent and is the bolt on bars any better and what tires should i be running are kenda scorpions ok?

  2. I couldn't help myself. I have to commend you on the way you conduct yourself. As many others have said, you do a better job than many adults. I'm truly impressed. KEEP IT UP YOUNG MAN! AWESOME JOB!

  3. Dont forget you have that extra pully underneath, any home brew off road mod you can do on a pickup you can run on these mud mowers, for example, you could pick up a york AC compressor and you would have compressed air on the trail, or get a large case ford alternator and build a weldanator, then if you break something you simply weld it back together where it breaks down at, As for the vid, it was great, full of "correct" info and well spoken, its obvious, "you can hear in your voice" you know what your talking about and understand it as well. Great vid, great work, Subbed…

  4. This young man has produced a better video than most adults I've watched. He's clear, precise and well spoken. He doesn't curse every other word, and the information he provides is actually useful!! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Why would you go bare feet into the garage where there is a ton of slag and metal filings and who knows what else all over the floor

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