18 thoughts on “Oil Change for a 2000 Craftsman 6.25horse Lawn Mower

  1. @garykennedy That's very good advice, didn't mention it in this video, but if you check my carburetor cleaning one, you can watch me try to start my mower with the spark plug wire unplugged too 😉

  2. @roberto25721 It had the big wheels when I bought it. I think they're to help it over rougher terrain and make it smoother, just like bigger wheelbarrow wheels.

  3. @Swervepf Honda's are compicated engines to work on, nothing gets more simple than a 3.5hp briggs and stratton though.

  4. @Swervepf HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, your hilarious. Those Tecumseh's are a pain in the ass to work on. I can get a Briggs running in 20 minutes that's un known condition

  5. Air filters are just as important,,,but 9 yrs ? I can tell you are very fussy about your equipment,,,oh yea,, not sure I wanna eat your cooking either,,,but I did get a laugh..and to the idiot that said mowers can't start by turning the blade ? Lawsuits prove otherwise..

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