10 thoughts on “Oil Change on Briggs & Stratton Standby Generator

  1. maybe would be better to drill a hole in the bottom of the filter out away from the motor to drain most of it out before removal.

  2. i would drill a hole in the bottom of the doghouse just big enough for the drain hose to fit in or maybe install small valve or coupling with a quick connect that secures to the bottom of the doghouse, for an extension hose, so that way it will gravity flow. and you should crack open your oil filler cap to allow venting for better flow

  3. Your videos are great! I enjoy them but most importantly they are very informative. Try the marine oil extractor next time to pull the oil out; you'll find it more efficient and much much cleaner. I will try during the next couple of weeks to install a Generator Text Messaging System just like yours…..we'll see how successful I will be. Cheers.

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