7 thoughts on “Oil Change: Restoring a Scotts Riding Lawn Mower Tractor Part 2

  1. does this mower have the Kohler engine? If so I am getting no spark after changing the plug for the first time in 12 years. would the next fix be the coil?

  2. Thank you! Helpful video! Mine's got a Kohler engine. When it wouldn't start despite new plugs etc. etc., turned out I needed a new ignition switch. One of the belts pops off a fair bit and is a pain to re-install. Also, the highest cut level isn't very high. Anyone else find this?

  3. Performing an oil change for a Scott's 15HP 42" ride on lawn mower. I watched the restoration video of your oil change. What type of oil was utilized? 10w-30?

  4. need to find out how to get a carriage bolt and a pulley for a 23 HP Scott's mower and how to replace it. What size would the carriage bolt be and do you know the part # for it?

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