Oil filter Briggs and Stratton

Oil Filter Briggs and Stratton
Does anybody knows a cross comparison number to put a automotive style oil filter on a Briggs and Stratton Engine
It doesn’t matter what type of filter as long as it will work correctly and will not damage my oil pump.



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  1. The Fram 3614 (extra guard, tough guard, and ultra) will fit almost any single, opposed twin, and v-twin Briggs or Kohler engine. Although it is slightly longer than "stock" filters, it is the same size as the "pro" Kohler and larger Briggs filters. I personally recommend the supertech (Walmart) st3614 and Napa pro-select 21348 as both are produced by Wix and have a sturdy construction, not to mention they typically are slightly cheaper than the Fram extra guard filters. If you do a simple search online, you should find a cross reference page that will allow you to find equivalent filters from other brands.

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