Oil in the air filter housing

In this video, WhizKid discovers oil is finding its way into the air filter housing through the crankcase breather tube. He investigates showing what to look for in finding the root cause and solutions to fix the problem.



20 thoughts on “Oil in the air filter housing

  1. My walk behind honda with an ohv engine is blowing oil from the breather tube into the air filter holder. Why is this happening? How do I fix it? There is no plate around the breather tube to remove either.

  2. Excuse me ..but what the phuch is he saying, if you can understand a Scottish Glaswegian accent then you can understand any English spoken..but l haven't a sodden clue were is ones from…the moon maybe ??

    English Mik.

  3. Whiz- I'm having this problem on the newer Briggs E series. (with the plastic carb). This is an OHV engine so I don't find a breather tube like you show. What should I look at to find the source of my problem, which is that gas and oil mix is spewing from my air intake and soaking my air filter and housing with oil. Engine runs great but it sure makes a mess! Thanks.

  4. Wth you crack me up working on a washer and dryer and the way you talk can understand much. And it's kinda poke and hope you get it funny shit

  5. You forgot to mention safety instructions, which you didn't follow. You spark plug has to be disconnected or grounded b4 you mess with any motor.

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